Oct 15, 2019


Kenny D.

How to Transport a Luxury Car to/from California

California, famously known as The Golden State, is the most populous state of the U.S. with famous cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisco. California is quite popular among travelers, especially those escaping the extreme winters of northern states. Snowbirds have California as one of their favorite and preferred destinations, and the state sees a lot of car transport throughout the year.

A luxury car is a highly optimized and efficient vehicle and is worth a lot more than regular cars. The maintenance and repair cost of the engine and service of the car is also quite expensive. Many popular brands like BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi compete in the making of luxury car manufacturing. Such pricey vehicles need intensive care and handling. When it comes to shipping those cars, which is itself a complicated process, a reliable auto transport company is the only perfect solution that stands out.

Best Possible Option for Luxury Car Shipping

The finest and the most suitable mode of transport for hauling an exotic car is an Enclosed Trailer. The main feature of an enclosed truck is that it is a packed container in which the vehicle is accommodated and shipped, unlike the typical open trailer used in Open Car Transport. The reason for enclosed transport being more demanded by the luxury car owners is that it saves the vehicles from the direct exposure of dirt, dust, rain, snow, and other climatic factors during the transit. Although enclosed service comes at around double the rate of an open trailer, the safety it provides to the customer's huge investment is worth it. Another remarkable feature of the enclosed container is that it loads about 2-6 cars at a time as compared to 7-10 cars accommodated by the open trailer, which reduces the clash of vehicles with one another in case an accident occurs. Insurance of the vehicle being shipped through enclosed service is much higher than insurance of other means of transportation.

Door to Door Auto Transport is also gaining popularity in the auto shipping industry, which provides the facility of picking the car at the owner's doorstep and delivering it back at the target location. This helps the customer to avoid driving it to the terminal and receiving it back from the other one.

Shipping Quote to/from California

The shipping quote is one mysterious and complex number (Not a joke!!!). The auto shipping calculator uses a lot of parameters to determine the charges of a single transit. These factors are:


The factor which shapes up the bill is the distance between the pickup and delivery point of the vehicle. The longer the distance, the higher will be the quote. However, there is one good news for those shipping their cars for long distances because the shipping rate increases linearly at the same rate until 500 miles, and after that, it starts to go down per unit mile for any distance covered. Shipping a car from a far-northern state to California will take more than a thousand miles, so expect the privilege of discounted rates.

Make & Model of the Car

Luxury cars have a unique set of features and can differ in shape and size from the typical cars, so this abnormality can cause you to pay extra bucks.

Type of Service

As discussed above, luxury cars are highly compatible with the packed container, which costs a bit more than an open one. So, the quote can increase, but so will the safety and insurance coverage. Additional demand for door-to-door service can add up more bucks, but it is optional.

Delivery Time

Auto shipping generally takes from 2 days to less than a week; however, a faster delivery can be asked, which will get the job done in less than 2 days, but it is a premium service and requires extra efforts from the transporter.

What All State to State Auto Transport Offers You

All State to State Auto Transport is an ultimate solution to the luxury or exotic car shipping. We have been serving our customers with impeccable services for the past decade or more so. Our drivers are highly experienced professionals, and our customer service staff is amiable, who are there to answer your queries and clear your confusion. We have a large fleet of enclosed trailers that are equipped with all the set of tools required for loading and unloading the vehicle. We have provided online quotes calculation service as well to give you a rough idea of the shipping charge.