Dec 14, 2019


Kenny D.

How To Arrange Auto Transport for Your Vehicle in December Holidays

The month of December is what the auto shipping industry refers to as Seasonal Fluctuations. When you decide to transport your car during this month you need to keep in mind that the time frame can be a bit less precise. This can be attributed to the erratic weather during December and a substantial increase in shipping orders which often results in shipping delays. 


Why December Holidays are the Toughest for Car Transport 


The rest of the year also experiences ups and downs for e.g the starting period of spring and the end of summers observe a transport increase due to a gradual rise in snowbirds and students wanting to get their cars shipped as soon as possible. The starting periods of winter also sometimes face exhausting routes in different parts of the country due to frequent roadblocks caused by snow.  

But still, December is considered the toughest period for car transport activities, whether it be a bulk of cars or just a single one. This can be attributed to three main culprits.

  1. Bad weather  
  2. Holiday season  
  3. Few auto transporters on the road 

A combination of these three factors makes it very hard for the driver to get the shipments delivered quickly which results in prolonged delivery times. 

A burst of shipment orders whether it be the piling of inventory by dealers or increase in the purchase of used vehicles. Additionally, if you decide to add a car on that list for a holiday present the demand for car transport increases exponentially. There are a ton of cars to ship but everyone likes holidays including the carriers. The number of active auto shippers is at an all-time low during this period. Due to this the car shipping industry refers to the period between Christmas and New Year's Eve as a dead week due to the low number of active car shippers. 

Add into that some conventional bad weather stuff such as roadblocks caused by snow or excessive slippery roads with zero traction and other various hazardous conditions, no other month holds a candle to December when it comes to auto shipping. Therefore, it is wise to consider some points that will keep your vehicle in good shape during the whole process of vehicle shipping in this month. 

All State To State Auto Transport Has You Covered 


The main issue car shipments face while delivering in December is that they are usually shipped in open carriers. There is no added protection for your vehicle. Your car is oftentimes exposed to foreign elements such as debris and road gravel.  

You don't need to worry cause All State To State Auto Transport also provides enclosed carrier services. Enclosed shipments are free from all the hazards open shipments might encounter during transit. This type of carrier covers all vital sections of your vehicle. Our enclosed carrier provides unparallel protection to your shipment. Although it is considered a premium service reserved for vintage or luxury cars but during this month it is a wise investment even for conventional vehicles. 

You can learn more about our enclosed carriers by clicking on the following link. Enclosed Carriers 

Exclusive Packages For Snowbirds 


Many of our customers ship their vehicles during this period. More often then not these customers are those people that like to live in warm states during the winter season. We refer to them as snowbirds. All State to State Auto Transport likes to take care of all its Snowbirds needs and they can even avail special discounts during the December holidays. Various other discounts are also available for the rest of our All State To State Auto Transport customers. The customers will need to ensure that their car is in operable condition throughout the transit process. Make sure that your vehicle's battery is optimized and the car isn't low on fluids. 

We dearly advise our valued customers to be a bit patient though because of the aforementioned reasons. The process of hauling vehicles becomes even more hazardous during this period which results in drivers being extra cautious. They tend to take their time which might result in some occasional delays. You can find more information about the discounts by contacting us through our site. 

Last But Not The Least.... 


The most elementary approach to getting your car shipped during this period is to plan ahead and schedule your shipment as far ahead as possible. Confirm your pickup and delivery dates, sign your agreement and hope that the weather gods are in your favor. But we know this isn't always the case. 

However, if you managed to find the car of your dreams it will be possible for you to get that car shipped at your desired delivery date with All State To State Auto Transport. Although the market is high during this period, we will be providing you competitive rates and mouth-watering discounts. 

Our final advice would be that you enjoy your holidays to the fullest. Prior Planning and your decision to choose All State To State Auto Transport as your car transporter will definitely pay off. 

Contact us at our customer support. We will guide you through the challenges of shipping during December holidays. Helping to get your car shipped during these tough days will provide us a great deal of satisfaction. On behalf of all of us at All State to State HAPPY HOLIDAYS......