Cross Country Car Shipping

Ship your car across the country with nationwide auto transporter

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Cross Country Car Shipping

Ship your car across the country with nationwide auto transporter

What is the cross country car shipping?

Cross country car shipping is a type of an auto transport service to transport vehicles from one destination to other one.In the US the term across country or cross country is generally used for long distance auto transportation but it’s not specific to long distance auto transport.
The USA is the third largest country by land area with 50 States. So time required to Shipping across the country greatly varies as per distance and area.

The estimated time from pick up to delivery depends on distance of pickup to drop off. Carrier covered 550 miles to 650 miles in a day but can be more in bad weather.

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How to ship a car across the country?

If you plan to ship your vehicles across the country there are some steps that one should know before shipping a vehicle across the country.

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Get an Online quote, fill all required information of vehicle, pickup and drop off, you will get an instant shipping quote at the moment. You can also speak to our customer support coordinator to get a custom quote.

Complete or book an order

When you will get an online quote, you will be asked to complete the order. Complete you’re booking if you are satisfied, so that the auto transport team can proceed further to ship your vehicle.

Pickup Schedule

When you will complete the order, our auto transport Coordinator will inform you about the pickup schedule of the vehicle as per your given date. So, get the vehicle ready prior to the date of pick up.

Vehicle Pickup And Delivery

At the stated date of pick up, our assigned driver will pick up the vehicle. After pick up, your vehicle will be delivered at the stated destination of delivery in standard time of auto shipping.

How long does it take to ship a car Cross or across the country?

In general an approximate time to ship a vehicle across the country is 6 to 9 days. The exact time to transport a vehicle across country depends on many factors but Speed, weather and distance are three main factors that have a direct impact on time to ship a vehicle.

In case of good weather condition below mention is estimated time to ship a car but adverse weather can cause delay in shipping process.

Est. to west cost: 6 to 9 days.
Mid- west to south coast 4 to 6 days.
Midwest to west 4 to 6
South to north Coast 3 to 5

Carrier covers an estimated distance of 550 miles to 650 miles in a day. The duty limit is set by law. An auto transport driver cannot go beyond 60 hours in 7 days. This standard is set by law for safety assurance. Speed has also a high impact on time required to complete delivery of a vehicle. In case a vehicle is going to be delivered to any resident area it requires more time as compared to any Terminal. For high safety standards the US Government sets speed limits and it varies as per statutory.

Schools, district and residential areas; maximum speed limit is 25mph and 60mph on rural highways. While, the maximum speed limit is 70mph on rural Interstate highways.


What to consider while shipping a car across the country?

Company reputation and experience

Reviewing the online performance of an auto transport company is considered the most important factor for harm free vehicle shipment. It helps you to understand how company deals its customers. Google review, Better Business Bureau, Auto Transport reviews are some of the most popular and reliable platforms to check online performance of any company. All State has a very prominent rate on these platforms by its 5 stars auto transport service.

Auto transport knowledge

Before going with an auto transport company you should ensure that the auto transport companies along with you plan to ship your vehicle ensure they have enough knowledge to ship your vehicle safely. All state auto transport teams have a high auto transport knowledge base with 1.3 decades of experience.

Carrier type

While shipping a car across the country you should consider what carrier type suits your vehicle shipping needs. Enclosed carrier is considered the safest auto transport but its cost is high as compared to open auto transport.

Auto transport insurance

While planning to ship a car across the country, consider the insurance factor because it is the safest way to choose an auto transport company that offers auto transport insurance. All State assigned drivers are 100% fulfilled; auto transport insurance standard. We provide insurance certificates to our customers before picking up their vehicles.

See what customers say about their experience with All State to State Auto Transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some simple steps to ship a vehicle across the country.
1. Book an order with an auto transport company.
2. Your vehicle will be scheduled for pick up.
3. After schedule your vehicle will be picked up and delivered to your desired destination.

Yes you can put stuff up to 100 lbs. for free. Be sure it's on the back seat and should be below the windscreen.

In the year 2023 an average cost to ship a car across the country is estimated to 0.95$ per miles to 1.5$ per miles but to be more accurate it requires a number of factors to consider including, make and model of the car and Carrier type.