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Louisiana is a very easy city when it comes to car shipping. There majority of the town sit along the two main highways that run through the state. Are you living in Louisiana and planning to move elsewhere and in need of a company who can facilitate your auto transport? If that is the case or you are planning to buy a car from another area, either way we can help you with the move. American Auto Movers has been a reputable company for years priding itself on the customer service aspect of the business.

Louisiana Auto Transport

Louisiana earns a good portion of its revenue on tourism. This was greatly hindered after Katrina, the hurricane, damaged the beautiful city of New Orleans. Despite the unfortunate circumstances millions still come from around the world to enjoy the Cajun food, beautiful scenery and crazy night life of this great state. Located in the South, Louisiana has a very humid climate throughout the summer, and unless you are prepared it can be difficult to bear. Our drivers have to take extra precautions in states such as Louisiana to stay hydrated because of the heat and humidity in the summer time.


When you hire a car transporter

When you hire a car transporter to Louisiana the safety of your vehicle rests in the hands of your car carrier, so why not go with the leader in auto transport safety? At American Auto Movers we provide the highest standard of safety and security for auto shipping. Some important facts to keep in mind when considering relocating your vehicle is make sure it is free of contents. Normal things that belong in a car like a blanket or jumper box are totally fine. We are referring to items such as computers, chairs and other household items. We always advise our clients to remove valuables from their car. This not because we are concerned with our drivers stealing them, it is because items like that are not insured while they are on our truck If you have any further questions cal our office, let us give you a quote and we can take things from there.


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