Enclosed Transport

Are looking for the ultimate safety of your car? then enclosed car shipping method is the best choice for your vehicle shipment. This method offers a higher degree of protection and security of your vehicle. Enclosed car shipping is often the most preferred method for owners who wish to ship exotic cars, or cars that are very special to them. Enclosed car transport is commonly used for high-dollar, antique, or exotic cars.

In enclosed auto transport, the carrier structure comes in either soft-sided or hard-sided trailers. It depends on which service you want and the company you are choosing. This type of shipment includes various types of trailers, including one-car trailers, two-car trailers, and multi-car trailers. Multi-car or enclosed car trailers can carry up to seven cars. This type of shipment is mostly used when one wants to ship cheap cars. On the other hand, the two or one-car trailers are a more expensive choice when you are considering the enclosed car shipment.

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More About Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed car shipping method adds a layer of protection to your car in the shipment mode. Because in open car transport, the vehicle is not protected by the environment, which can cause damage to our vehicle. But in an enclosed car shipping, the vehicle is protected from the surrounding.

All state to state auto transport has some of the top machinery and trailers to ship your car from one to another. Our services for enclosed car transportation are exceptional as we offer our customers the opportunity to experience the best services we have.