Oct 22, 2019


Kenny D.

Guide to Shipping a Motorcycle from New Hampshire to South Dakota

New Hampshire is not any less privileged state of the U.S, lying in the northeastern part of the country. The state has no income or sales tax, maybe this is why the motto of New Hampshire is "Live Free or Die".The Granite State, as it is known colloquially, is enriched with economic and industrial resources and has a variety of natural sites to visit. However, in some circumstances, you may have to leave this beautiful state for another dream place, especially for the countryside lovers, South Dakota. South Dakota is one of those states in the U.S with all four kinds of weather. The state is quite popular among bike lovers, as well as for its terrain and natural beauty.

Common Reasons for Transport

Auto transport has emerged as a perfect replacement to the long, odd driving for cars and other conventional vehicles. Bikes are not used to such long journeys and had to have a convenient way of transportation, so auto shipping was proved to be a treat for motorcycle owners. Different reasons can lead a person to use this service, although the most common ones are:


Holidays are a source of joy for an individual, and having a motorcycle at disposal on such vacation can only add more pleasure to the fun.


Thousands of people move within the U.S for jobs and other career-making opportunities, so relocation is needed in case someone finds a suitable job. Relocation after retirement or changing the neighborhood are frequent, as well.

Buying / Selling

Auto auctions and online vehicle selling websites have further enlarged the role of auto transport. The good thing is that vehicle shipping companies have increased the domain of choice for the potential buyer and have helped him in buying anything without thinking about the distance of the seller.

Motorcycle Shipping Quote

It seems like a motorcycle is much easier for the transporter; however, the factors involved in its shipping are more or less the same as car transport. Surprisingly, the factors which significantly affect the quote are the same for all types of vehicles. These factors are:

Distance & Weather

The distance, of course, is the primary ingredient of the shipping rate. The more the range, the higher would the quote be. The approximate distance between Manchester and Sioux City is around 1600 miles. The good news here is that distance above 500 or 1000 miles has a lesser rate per unit mile.

Weather can also play its part, especially in winter or rainy season. Auto transport companies have to deal with the climate to ship the motorcycle so they will obviously charge more. In the high season, when bookings are piling up, transporter takes the leverage of demand to increase the rate.

Make, Model & Dimensions of the Bike

Most of the bikes are the same in dimension and make, or model does not affect it either; however, motorcycles with abnormal height or length can add up a few bucks to the bill.

Transport Service & Trailer Type

Terminal-to-terminal shipping is the usual way of transportation, however door-to-door service has extensively replaced the latter one and is not that pricey as it seems. Door-to-door transport is exceptionally convenient for the owner as he doesn't have to leave the bike at the terminal for the shipping, nor has to receive it from the other end.

There are two types of trailers in auto shipping that are used for motorcycle transport that is an open trailer and an enclosed container. An open trailer is open from top and sides truck while the enclosed one is packed from all sides and top. Classic or luxury bike owners mostly opt for the enclosed trailer to save the bike from the direct exposure of dirt, snow, rain, and other environmental factors. This premium service can increase the quote considerably.

Top Choice for Convenient Shipping

A motorcycle is a lighter vehicle for loading and unloading and takes a small space for accommodation into the shipping trailer. Still, it is not as easier to the transporter as it seems and requires as much protection and care as a regular car or heavy equipment for transit. Only a reliable hauler is the ultimate solution to motorcycle shipping. 

All State to State Auto Transport has earned its name in all the domains of shipping, and motorbikes are not an exception. Our large fleet of experienced and trustworthy drivers and handlers is a benchmark of value-for-money services and extreme care.

For getting the online quote, you can use our shipping calculator, which has all the factors fed into its calculation. Our customer service staff is friendly and believes in customer satisfaction.