Jan 24, 2020


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How Oversized Vehicles can be shipped?

Let's talk about oversized or overweight vehicles that are more challenging and harder to ship than a regular-sized car due to which individual preparation and procedure are required to ship a car as the vehicle shipping industry is taken up by the car shipping. However, there is still a challenge to ship oversized vehicles in the industry. We are providing you some good services to ship oversized vehicles.

 What is an oversized vehicle stand for?

A vehicle is oversized if:

Even though a considerable part of vehicle shipping the industry is taken up by car shipping, there is an entire category of vehicles that deserves special attention. We are talking about oversized or overweight vehicles which are more challenging to ship than regular cars due to individual preparation and procedure required for their transportation

Over vehicles comes in a category of your moving vans, box truck. These vehicles contain a lot of weight with high clearance. Oversize vehicles are often the most expensive things to ship because of their size and how they need to be moved. Both open and enclosed car carrier trailers are designed for standard-size sedans and SUVs, and it is neither safe nor legal to use them for transporting such loads as large RVs or construction


It cannot fit on a standard car hauler and requires a larger vehicle:

Both open and enclosed car carrier trailers are designed for standard-size sedans and SUVs, and it is neither safe nor legal to use them for transporting such loads as large RVs or construction machines.

Before starting the shipping process, it is important to consider the following size and weight limits imposed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) It exceeds the size or weight road restrictions imposed by federal or state laws.

 The need for such restrictions are conditioned by specific road infrastructure of the US which includes bridges, tunnels, overpasses, etc

Weight: no more than 80,000 lbs. of gross vehicle weight

 Width: no wider than 102" (not including mirrors, handholds, etc.)

 Height: each state has its own restrictions, which can vary from 13'6" to 14.'

If the vehicle exceeds these limits, it is considered as oversized and will require a permit for driving on a highway, in some cases an escort car and most likely special routing.


This category of vehicles includes machines of various types, shapes, sizes, and weights. However, the most commonly shipped ones include:

  1. Large and heavy trucks and UTVs
  2. Buses and big recreational vehicles
  3. Limousines
  4. Large boats and yacht
  5. Farm machinery

construction machines (cranes, bulldozers, excavators, etc.)Every single vehicle is unique and requires an individual logistic approach for transportation.


 In order to perform the move safely, it is crucial to choose the right type of carrier for your particular vehicle. There are four major options for relocating an oversize vehicle:

To perform the most safely it is very crucial to choose the right carrier for your vehicle there are four major carriers are used to transfer an oversize vehicle

Hiring a drive-away service

Suitable for operable trucks, buses, and RVs If the vehicle you are looking to relocate is operable and can be driven, you might consider hiring a licensed professional driver who will be able to get it to the destination point for you, even if it's a cross-country. This option usually turns out to be less costly than hiring a hauler to load and transport your vehicle.


Suitable for UTVs, limousines, boats, farm and construction machinery, inoperable RVs, buses, multiple trucks. Depending on your vehicle's dimensions and weight, one of the following types of open trailers can be chosen from.

How Hard is it to Ship an Oversized Vehicle?

We've discussed oversized delivery vehicles before automobiles that can't in shape on an open automobile shipping carrier are considered "outsized" and generally require cargo through a flatbed car transport truck. Normally, it's because of the truth the vehicles are just too big, open providers have huge hydraulic lifts on both aspects, as standard vans are double-deck providers, this means that that if an automobile is certainly too huge in shape on the bottom, it bodily can't move at the truck. You spot this, particularly on work vehicles and changed cars. That being stated, in case your automobile is definitely too large, an exchange shipper maybe required, probably one that they don't art work with frequently. Due to this, and the reality that they have got to use an area of expertise company, your price and wait for instances for pickup have a propensity to grow.

How are oversize vehicles shipped?

 Oversize vehicles are transported, usually on flatbed trucks. Some, such as limousines, can theoretically be hauled on the back of a standard open transport truck. But in those instances, you often have to pay for two spots, which increases the prices significantly. That said, it's easier to find an open transport truck than a flatbed hauler, which helps the cause.

But for the rest of the oversized vehicles out there, flatbed transport is usually the method of transport required. Note we say "required"  flatbed transport isn't something you decide just to use. It's used on an as-needed basis.

Because of this, it's essential to communicate with your representative regarding the size of your vehicle. Oversize vehicles will need to be quoted based on size, so you'll need the length, width, height, and weight of it when getting quotes. We recommend calling us to get a quote to ship your oversized vehicle.

At the end of the day, shipping an oversized vehicle works the same as any other vehicle. It just requires a little more money, and a little more time, in order to get it shipped properly.



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