Oct 31, 2019


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The Difference in Open and Enclosed Auto Transport

The ever-increasing demand for auto transport has resulted in fierce competition among the haulers and has ultimately proved to be beneficial for the customer. Advancement in the auto shipping and extending the number of services has only eased the transit. People are often confused about the pricing of the shipping and sometimes end up either paying more or getting poor services for a cheap quote. Open and enclosed transport are two common types of services provided by the haulers to the car owners. These anticipated options differ marginally in terms of both services and costs. The following are the descriptive analysis of both types of transport and their shipping rates.

Open vs. Enclosed Transport

Open transport has its name rooted in the type of trailer used in such service. The truck which is used for open shipping is a typical trailer having no roof and sides. It is either single or double-decked and can generally accommodate seven to ten vehicles at a time. Almost all the shipping companies own an open trailer due to its higher demand. Around ninety percent of the total shipments are done through an open trailer. The rate of meeting an accident is negligible thanks to the reliable services of established auto transport companies which make the people believe in open transport. 

Due to the higher demand for open trucks, there are large numbers of them available in the market irrespective of the season. Enclosed trailer on the other side is a premium kind of container and is available in lesser quantity. It is easier to book an open trailer because they are in plenty and are on the move frequently, so you get the booking done in less time. An enclosed container is mostly on-demand and has to be booked earlier. The downside which makes this service unpopular among the luxury and classic owners is the lower security it provides to the vehicle during the transit.

Enclosed container saves the vehicle from the direct exposure of those factors can significantly devalue the expensive car like sun, dust, dirt, snow, or rain. Owners of luxury, exotic, and classic cars are wary of the safety of their vehicle, and the enclosed trailer serves as the perfect answer to their problems. Especially in winter or rainy season, enclosed transport service largely replaced the open trailer due to its safety from the external weather. It can hold a very less number of vehicles, sometimes as low as one. The pickup and drop off facility of the enclosed trailer are in accordance with the cars. The special ramp for low-clearance cars helps to avoid any potential damage during loading or unloading.

Why They Differ in Quote

The cost of enclosed shipping is roughly double the charges of open transport. Of course, there are multiple reasons for that. An enclosed trailer is more expensive than the open one and better features to hold the vehicles during the transit to avoid any damage to the car. An open trailer can comfortably accommodate around ten cars at a time, so the cost per unit vehicle is lesser as compared to the enclosed trailer, which only handles two to five cars at a time. The insurance coverage of the enclosed auto transport is much higher than that of open, so the company has every right to charge more for this benefit to the customer as well. 

To Sum Up

Auto shipping companies don't discriminate between the vehicles, whether they are being transported through the open or enclosed trailer. The measures taken during the pickup and drop off are the same as well. So, apart from the body of the trailer, there is no distinct difference between the two services. However, for expensive car owners, enclosed transport serves as a great source of higher safety and peace of mind.

A reliable hauler like All State to State Auto Transport is quite familiar and has a lot of experience of providing both the services depending upon the requirement of the customer. Some car owners are confused between the two, so we have established a customer-friendly team of representatives who are just a call or email away from you and can guide about the service that will suit your vehicle the most.

The shipping rates of both the trailers are reasonable, as well. Some haulers use low quote publicity to sell out poor service to the customer, so try to stay away from such companies. Sometimes, your car is just right to go with the open trailer; however, for getting more money, they trap you in booking the enclosed trailer.

Always check the credentials and ratings of the company you are opting to avoid hiring a fraudulent or poor services provider. All State to State Auto Transport is one of those well-known names in auto shipping that are trustworthy and have the capacity to serve irrespective of domains or boundaries.



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