Jan 30, 2020


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Domestic shipping is very different from vehicle shipping in many ways, so as a first-timer, you should know some key factors regarding international services provider. All state to state makes sure that your shipment goes smoothly; you can solve your half problem by finding correct international shipping services. However, it is equally important to document everything required in the process for a hassle-free vehicle shipping experience. A safe way to avoid any chaos is creating a checklist that includes all the essential things that you need to take care of while shipping the Vehicle. 


You must know about this to proof your vehicle shipping ownership, you should provide a valid proof of ownership of the Vehicle, which is the original certificate of title or a certified copy of the original certificate. If exporting through a land border port, ensure that you submit the ownership document to the port at least three days before exportation. If the car is leased or has a lien, present the letter from the lien holder or leaseholder in order to authorize the Vehicle to leave the country. If your car A new car without title needs to have a manufacturer's statement of origin in lieu of the title. You need to show a sales invoice, bill of sale, right of possession, or any other document to prove lawful ownership of a junk vehicle or the one with no certificate of title. International ocean freight shipments that have motor vehicles need to show the original title of the vehicles with at least three copies of the title (front and back).

Preparing the Vehicle for shipping: cleaning and inspection is necessary before vehicle shipping service is very important. Prepare the Vehicle for various climates. Check the transmission oil, engine coolant, and other fluids. Inflate the tires consistent with the recommended PSI and make sure that the battery is in fitness. The hand brake should function smoothly. Alarms within the Vehicle should be close up, as these could drain out the battery, if not disabled. Leave a minimum of quater tank of fuel within the Vehicle, because it might be turned on during loading and offloading. Provide one set of keys of the Vehicle to the company.


We suggest that you should not keep your belongings, such as loose car parts, sun deflectors, sunglasses, CDs, DVD players, etc.


We are making your shipping hassle-free; do you need help in shipping a car overseas? Our complete guide on how to ship your Vehicle overseas informs you of the process. , use our online form today! If you want to start your vehicle shipping process.

Step 1: Do Your Complete Research to settle on Right Company:

So one of the primary steps in any purchasing the decision is to try to do the research, and when shipping a vehicle overseas, research may be a vital step. Once we say to do your research, there are a couple of things that require to be considered, and we'll explain how they ought to be done.

The first things that you simply want to try to to is gather an inventory of international auto transporters and shipping companies that you're considering using.

The licenses will vary also by the sort of company you affect . for instance, freight forwarders will have FMC licensing, and a few can also have a special license if they operate as an NVOCC.

All domestic transporters are required to possess their DOT license, and if the international company has an in house domestic pickup department, invite their DOT information.

Additionally, confirm to ask each and each company, regardless of how trivial it's going to seem, whether or not they are fully insured and licensed and whether or not they use licensed and insured carriers/third party services.

Go a step further and invite those companies' names and conduct some research on them also.

Tip: do that before you leave and request a quote from plenty of websites. Anyone performing from a computer can email you a price that appears great, but it might be from an unlicensed company, for an uninsured transporter or a broker that never actually handles your automobile.

Cost Research:

If you would like to work out what proportion it cost to ship a vehicle overseas, you'll get to request a web quote. Getting a quote is additionally an excellent thanks to finding out how to ship your car overseas also. This is often because quotes will contain info on the port of departure/arrival, overall costs, necessary documentation, etc. With our company, we create custom quotes for every shipment because we all know every detail features a major effect on the value.

Step 2: Request Quotes and Compare Them

When comparing quotes, obviously, the primary thing that we do is check out a dollar amount. We don't always look to ascertain exactly what it includes. So confirm to read through each quote you receive carefully.

Step 3: Choose Your Shipper and Gather All the Paperwork:

The first part may be a result of the previous three steps, and hopefully, by now, you've already selected your shipper. The subsequent step is to collect all the paperwork that the corporate requires and send it to them as soon as possible to hurry up the shipping process.

Most of the time, the documentation is simple. Documents needed to ship include:

  • Clear original title
  • Copy of bill of sale
  • Copy of your US Passport

Step 4: Vehicle Inspection and Condition:

When shipping any sort of Vehicle overseas, always do your own vehicle inspection report and take pictures. We recommend first servicing your Vehicle before handing it over also as getting it washed. Please confirm brakes work properly for max safety during the loading and unloading of your car.

We hope this information makes your first international shipping better and make your first shipping memorable.