Dec 20, 2019


Kenny D.

Shipping From Arkansas To California

?If you are planning to ship your car from Arkansas to California, you will be requiring the services of an expert auto transporter. There are many reasons why people prefer moving from Arkansas to California. One being Arkansas gets really hot during the summer season and the natives are deprived of rain for the most part of the year. So, they tend to migrate towards more rain-friendly states. California can be one of those states, it experiences a fair share of rain throughout the year. A trip to California is all Arkansawyers need to satisfy their rainy cravings. 

Shipping a car from Arkansas to California is actually cheaper and less stressful than driving. If you are planning to drive your car personally to California, we highly suggest you reconsider your decision. The costs involved are substantial and we highly doubt you would want to arrive with an empty pocket in California as it is considered one of the most expensive states in the US.   

Let us explain to you in detail why it is a bad idea to go for any option other than a reliable auto transporter. Your plane ticket will cost you roughly $400. Add into this $200 for food and gas consumption. You also need to factor in the lodging and opportunity costs. The cost of these will be approximately $400. The combined cost amounts to roughly $1000.  

An open carrier from All State To State Auto Transport will just cost you $720. Our service is, in theory, more affordable than flying or driving your car. The route availability from Arkansas to California is also very high so you can expect a fast delivery with no delays. The average transit period usually 2 to 4 days if you choose All State To State Auto Transport. Why would you want to put an unnecessary mileage burden on your car? When we are doing all the hard work for you. Once your order is placed, your vehicle is scheduled for pickup by our professional dispatchers. 

Factors Dictating The Cost Of Shipping 

If you plan to ship your car from Arkansas to California via an auto transporter, its cost can depend upon a number of factors. For your ease, we will discuss the main ones so you can get a general Know-How about shipping cost. 


It comes to us as a no brainer that distance is the starting point for calculating your shipment cost. Most of the times this factor alone influences the majority of your shipping cost. Long-distance shipping doesn't always mean high costs. As a matter of fact, longer the distance cheaper the value/mile becomes. So long-distance shipping like Arkansas to California is actually a cheaper bet when compared to other modes of transport. 

Carrier Types 

Open carriers are much cheaper as compared to enclosed ones. If you don't have a luxury car to ship, we suggest you select the open carrier option. It will give you the best bang for your buck. 

Seasonal Fluctuation 

Seasonal fluctuations or bad weather can sometimes hinder the transit process. This also has a significant impact on shipping costs. The route from Arkansas to California is almost 1700 miles and occasional hiccups might occur. These hiccups are not very common so you don't need to worry about them. All State to State Auto Transport will ensure the sound delivery of your vehicle. 

Your Car's Condition 

The condition of your also affects the shipping cost. You don't need to worry if your vehicle isn't operable. We have an arsenal of trucks that have the necessary tools required to ship in-operable vehicles. Don't let an inoperable get in the way of your trip from Arkansas to California. All State to State Auto Transport has you covered on all fronts. 

Car's Size/Type 

This is another factor you should keep in mind while shipping a car from Arkansas to California. Many auto transporters avoid shipping large or luxury cars due to the risks involved. Our trucks are capable of transporting all sorts of vehicles and equipment. Large cars come with a small premium because they occupy more space than conventional cars. With All State to State Auto Transport, you don't need to worry about your car's geometry getting in the way. 


Every day we transport hundreds of vehicles, more often than not all of them arrive without a single incident or major mishap. We can pick up your vehicle from any location in Arkansas and deliver it to any location in California. Not many auto transporters can claim that. Our customer reviews speak for themselves.  

"You Get What You Pay For" and at All State to State Auto Transport you will get exactly what you expected i.e full coverage when transporting cars from Arkansas to California with unparallel services and full customer support. 

So head over to our Shipping Quote Calculator and find out your Arkansas to California shipping cost.