Oct 29, 2019


Kenny D.

Auto Shipping in Winter

Winter is also known as the low season in the auto transport industry. The reason for winter being the slow or low time is its effects on the demand and supply of car shipping in the United States. The long and rough climate of winter restricts the movement of people from one place to another. Snow on the roads provokes the haulers to avoid working at full capacity and makes the person concerned about its safety during the transit from the exposure of snow and rain.

Season of Snowbirds

Residents of northern cold states of the U.S. are also known as snowbirds. These snowbirds flock the rough weather of north to enjoy the mild climate of southern states of the U.S. Winter gives rise to the demand of auto transport by the snowbirds, which makes the low season operational somehow.

The demand for car shipping by snowbirds results in better options for the customers as well because it gives bookings to the hauler even in the low season. Auto transport companies provide special discounts in winter to facilitate snowbirds.

Quote Difference in Winter

Low season means less demand, so it seems like the quote will be cheaper too. It is valid to some extent that higher competition among the transport companies makes the quote go down, but winter produces its own kind of trouble for the transporter and the customer. Some areas can become remote due to snow, and snowfall can slow down the activity of the trailer, which can result in later transit. Apart from that, enclosed service impacts the quote significantly, and it is around the rates of a typical open trailer.

The Demand for Enclosed Trailer

Auto shipping is winter also significantly impacts the need for the type of trailer for the shipping. Generally, open transport makes up around 90 percent of the total transit; however, the enclosed trailer gains popularity in winter due to their protective nature. The enclosed container is packed from all sides type of trucks, which saves the vehicle from the direct exposure of dirt, snow, or rain. Though it is counted as a premium service mostly opted by the luxury or expensive car owners however winter trends to make people choose for regular cars too for increased security.

Tips to Prepare the Car for Winter Shipping

Although the primary tips for preparing the vehicle for shipping remains the same all year round winter requires more preparation due to its extreme nature.

Washing and Taking Notes

If possible, wash the car before handing it to the hauler so that he can see the condition of the vehicle more clearly. Taking photos of the vehicle is a significant step to avoid any confusion over the damage. If your car has any sort of dents or scrapes, note it down.

Check the Internals

Most of the auto shipping companies do not allow the car owners to keep precious belonging in the car before transit. So better remove the personal goods from the vehicle to avoid any inconvenience.

Suitable Auto Transport Company for Winter

Auto shipping in winter makes the transit even more difficult for the transport company, so it is necessary to search for the best hauler to avoid any hassle or inconvenience. All State to State Auto Transport is one of those shippers that are highly experienced and are well known for their upto the mark services. Here are a few of those features which makes us dependable.

Domain of Services 

All State to State Auto Transport possesses all types of the trailer, including enclosed and open and delivers the vehicles both terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door. The types of vehicles we can handle is more than just cars and motorbikes. 

Reviews and Ratings

All State to State Auto Transport has quite high reviews and ratings of valuable customers. Reviews are a great source to determine the efficiency and reliability of a company.