Dec 18, 2019


Kenny D.

What Factors Determine The Cost Of Shipping A Vehicle?

People always get confused when deciphering the formula for vehicle shipping cost, and rightly so because there is no one certain rule for figuring it out. It is influenced by a number of variables. Each of these variables or factors can have major or minor impacts on the final shipping cost of a vehicle. Variation in shipping costs is also a common thing in the auto transport industry. They vary from transporter to transporter. This can baffle a lot of novice customers. We highly suggest getting some information prior to shipping your vehicle at our website. All State To State Auto transport provides its customers with a complete breakdown of shipping quotes when asked. Head over to our review sections to get complete satisfaction and if you have any queries please reach out to us at the following link

So back to the topic, what factors affect shipping costs the most? 


Anyone could have guessed this one. It's the starting point for calculating your shipment costs. Now you must be thinking long-distance shipping equals high shipping costs. Right? Wrong cause this isn't always the case. As a matter of fact, long-distance shipping is cheaper cause of low $/mile tariff. So, if you are planning to ship your car long distance but are hesitant cause of the price factor "Don't Worry". All State To State Auto Transport will provide you the best bang for your buck. Just head over to our website to get an instant quote. We offer our customers market competitive costs regardless of the distance. 


The type of carrier you choose for your shipment plays a vital role in determining the final shipping cost. Two most conventional carrier types are Open and Enclosed carriers. All State to State Auto Transport has an arsenal of both these carriers. Open carriers as well as enclosed ones. These two services are the bulk of auto transport all over the US. Open carriers are more common though because of them being readily available and pocket-friendly. These are the carriers that you often see on highways. The number of cars hauled on these trailers usually varies from 3 to 10. You can think of them as 'economy class' tickets versus the 'business class' ones. All State To State Auto Transport is renowned for providing one of the best open carrier services all over the US. 

But if you plan to ship luxury or exotic cars, you might consider opting for enclosed carriers. Enclosed carriers are more costly than open ones but they give your vehicle added protection. If you choose to ship your vehicle via enclosed carriers you will have to pay a premium. Nevertheless, your will vehicle will arrive safe and sound at your location when you choose us as your carrier service. 


It is obvious that your pickup and dropoff location is going to affect the final shipping cost of your vehicle. Let's say you want us to ship your car to a remote area, we will have to go through some hurdles due to your location not being easy to access. The central areas or major cities, on the other hand, are much easier to deliver and access. There are more trucks available in urban areas. Due to this reason shipping your vehicle via widely traveled routes will greatly reduce the shipping cost. Head over to our quote calculator by clicking on the following link. Fill up the form and we will provide you an estimate. All State to State Auto Transport has coverage all over the US, so don't worry if you live in a remote area. We will satisfy all your car shipping needs. 


The size of your car also plays a key role in determining the final shipping cost of your vehicle. If your car exceeds the maximum permissible limit for weight a small premium is charged. Let's think of it this way, your vehicle is not a conventional sedan but a limo. Your limo will be needing more than one slot for proper hauling. So, we will be needing to allocate space and make proper adjustments before shipping to optimize the space. When compared to other transporter services All State To State Auto Transport charges much less if you go overweight. Nevertheless, the geometry of your car will play a deciding role in the final shipping cost. 


Seasons also have a sizable impact on your final shipping cost. If you are shipping your vehicle in peak seasons you will receive a higher than usual quote. Costs are also high if a major holiday such as Christmas is taking place because of bookings being harder to find. To overcome this issue, we give exclusive discounts to our customers. To get more information on exclusive offers and discounts contact us at


Your vehicle's condition is also a factor you should keep in mind when expecting a shipping quote. Inoperable vehicles require more effort on half of the driver. If this is the case with your vehicle, a small premium is added to the total shipping quote. The reason for this increase is logical, we will be requiring a truck with the proper equipment for loading and unloading of your inoperable vehicle. If you choose us your vehicle will be getting shipped regardless because we deliver both operable and inoperable vehicles. 


Every day we transport hundreds of vehicles, more often than not all of them arrive without a single incident or major mishap. So, if you've chosen us as your car shipping company, you can expect world-class transportation services at market competitive prices. There is a saying the auto transport industry "You Get What You Pay For" and at All State to State Auto Transport you will get exactly what you expected i.e coverage all over the US with unparallel services with full customer support. So head over to our Shipping Quote Calculator and find out your shipping cost. ?