Dec 09, 2019


Kenny D.

What Permisible Personal Items Can Be Shipped Along With Your Vehicle?

Head into the FAQ section and you will find that the most frequently asked questions are related to what personal items can be shipped along with the vehicle. Only if u have shipped a thousand items would you know the permissible items, if not most people are unaware what items are within the prescribed limits? All State to State Auto Transport provides quite a bit of flexing room in terms of the luggage you can store in the cabin of your vehicle. This flexibility and excellent customer service are what separates us from the rest.

Every company has a set of rules and code of conduct that it follows. 'Personal item shipping along with your car' rules are no exception and there are certain limits to what you can ship. These rules are set to ensure the safety of your vehicle and the driver driving the truck. At All State To State Transport, your vehicle security is our utmost priority and we don't take that lightly. There are various classes of materials that may look harmless but in reality, are very detrimental to your vehicle as well as our service and later in the delivering phase might become a major obstacle.

Therefore, there are a certain number of dangerous and hazardous materials that our company has prohibited to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the delivering process whether it be you 'the customer' or the driver.


Lets quickly review some of the major limitations and risks involved during the shipping of personal items during car shipping.


Although All State to State Auto transport provides quite a flexible window for shipping of personal items during your car shipping but still you will have to keep in mind the max permissible limit. Above that limit, you might have to pay a small premium depending on the type of your shipment, type, and size of your vehicle. Smaller vehicles mean you will have to pay a small amount if u exceed the limit. The price will be slightly higher if you have a heavy or sizable vehicle.


We have already explained the reason why a lower number of items ultimately result in a more safe and secure car shipping but now lets dive into a bit more detail.

If we load the more then the max permissible limit there is a chance your vehicle might get damaged for example during a drive on a bumpy road the items inside your car might tumble and cause scratches on the windscreen or spoil the interior of your car.

Other than that hazardous materials such as toxicants, inflammable and volatiles are strictly prohibited as they may cause further harm to your vehicle during the car shipping phase or worse injure the truck driver. Drugs, medicines, alcohol, etc have their own set of limits that the customer must follow and read before shipping to ensure maximum security of their vehicle so that any further dangerous losses might be prevented.

Therefore, as a golden rule of thumb its is recommended to keep the window level in check and don't stuff excess materials inside your car. Let's be honest if a thief sees all your good stuff he might attempt to steal it so it's better to be safe than sorry.

We have our justifications for implementing this rule, fewer items to care about means more security and an exponentially lower risk of theft.


Even if we wanted to transport your valuables along with your car, there are certain rules and regulations by the government that we are bound to and must abide by them no matter the circumstances to avoid any legal issues. Along with that the insurance policy doesn't concern the losses of personal valuables so it is recommended that the carrier get some prior knowledge about the company's insurance policy before booking a car shipment with personal valuables intact.


To be quite frank, a car loaded on a truck is not the comfiest sight in the world and if that car is loaded with excessive items its a recipe for disaster. Therefore it is advised to comply with the standards and follow the weight limitations

Like all the other reputable auto transport companies, we at All State to State Auto Transport also have to abide by the weight limitations. These limitations are imposed to keep the truck and the shipment save from any possible external damages. These limitations can be reviewed on our official website

While we completely understand why some valuables are essential along with your delivery, these rules are implemented to ensure a safe and secure delivery and unlike other auto transport companies we are willing to show some flexibility when it comes to personal items shipping along in your car.


So what are you waiting for? Head over to our review section and don't forget to read what our previous customers had to say about their previous experiences and get the full sense of security and satisfaction that in All State to State Auto Transport you will have a faithful car shipping partner for all your shipping needs.