Jun 14, 2019


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Car Delivery Service

Car Delivery Service

Car delivery service, a common thought in the mind of an individual when selecting a car shipping company. No doubt, the "delivery of a vehicle"is needed on time by the consumer. For this reason, every customer makes sure from the company about the delivery of their car. Will the car be delivered to the specified destination at the specified time?. On the other hand, according to the recent study, which shed light on the top difficulties consumers face from companies across the world. The study mentioned, the problem of the delivery of goods is one of the biggest problem consumers face from companies. For this reason, leading car moving companies across the globe prevent these problems by thoroughly analyzing the factors involved in vehicle shipping. First and foremost, the top priority of the auto transport company is to provide complete satisfaction to the customers. Similarly, A.S.T.S as a leading auto transport company in the US never encountered such problems. Since we emphasize on providing maximum satisfaction to the customers by providing the delivery of vehicles as scheduled.

Car Pickup And Delivery Service

Car pickup and delivery service, this job of the auto transport companies include serving the customers with the information from the pickup to delivery. The top auto transport companies use satellite technology to monitor the activity of the haulers. Similarly, guidance to the hauler drivers regarding weather conditions and roadblocks. On the other hand, we send text and email to our customers about their vehicles. Therefore, hassle-free car transport and 100% effective communication.

Car Shipping Delivery Time

Car shipping delivery time varies on certain conditions, these conditions control the delivery time of the vehicle. Briefly, the major factors which cause this uncertainty are unmanageable. Therefore, every transport company across the world provides an estimated amount of "car delivery"time to their customers. The major factors which prevent the accuracy of the vehicle delivery are as follows:


"Car shipping" delivery will be affected badly, in the cases of extreme conditions such as hurricane, tornado, thunderstorms, heavy rain and snow. However, our inspection department makes sure to analyze weather conditions before the car hauler starts its journey.

Road Conditions

Accidents on active roads happen everyday and everywhere. Therefore, on these conditions car haulers have to wait or change the route because of the roadblocks. Thus, it affects the vehicle delivery time.


Traffic conditions cause traveling problems, across the world. Therefore, heavy road traffic on the driver's path can affect the "delivery of the vehicle". However, our team constantly monitor the weather, road conditions, and traffic problems through the satellite. Thus, reliable and accurate results are inevitable.