Oct 03, 2019


Kenny D.

Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Car Mover

Car shipping is a complex task for the auto shipping company but finding a suitable transporter is neither any less complicated for the car owner. There are multiple car transporters, google search away from you. Choosing one from the bunch requires in-depth research of car shipping companies and their services and understanding of the auto transport industry. Most of the car movers, run a website, and provide contact numbers on their website. After going through their services, it is highly recommended to contact the carrier for a better overview of their operations.

The car transport industry is a highly competitive market, and contacting the transporters can help you strike the best deal for you and your vehicle. These are some of those questions that cover the entire process of booking until transportation.

What Type of Transporter Are You?

The auto transport industry has a variety of companies such as Carrier (the one who transports your car from pickup to drop off location), Broker (works as a dealer between carrier and customer) and Management company (serves as both broker and carrier).

Surprisingly, most of the auto transport companies, you find on the internet, are broker companies. One significant benefit of choosing a broker company is that they can help you find a fair deal by taking some share of the total cost. A carrier company is the right choice if you want to be in continuous contact with the driver within the transit process.

Are You Registered with the Concerned Authorities?

All car shipping companies are required to register with the Department of Transport and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and must possess DOT number and Motor Carrier number, especially when they are dealing with the state to state shipping. For international shipments, car mover should also be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission.

What Services Are You Offering?

Car transport companies, in general, offer more than one type of shipping methods that range from open and enclosed transport to door-to-door and expedited services. This question should be asked, in particular, when you own an exotic or luxury car and are concerned about its safety and its exposure to the environment during transit. If you are in a hurry, ask for expedited service, which takes lesser time than usual.

You can also consider taking services of All state to state auto transport company, which offers multiple modes of car transportation, ranging from open and enclosed to door-to-door transport options.

Can I Get Instant Free Quotes?

Although most of the transporters give the option of calculating online shipping quotes from their websites, if you don't find one, ask about it. If the company demands any commitment, it is better to look somewhere else. Getting online quotes can be extremely helpful in finding an economic deal as well as aid in comparing the rates of different transporters.

All state to state auto transport company has free online quotes available at our website. Do check our rates as well for the comparison with the market.

How Your Quotes Are Calculated?

Commonly, the shipping calculator uses algorithms based on entered pickup and drop off points, distance, type of shipping method, and seasonal fluctuations. Original cost is not always the same as the result of the calculator, and you can ask the reason of the difference.

Can I Get Any Discount?

Directly contacting the car shipping company, can positively impact the shipping charges. You can potentially negotiate and ask for any special discount, if available.

Are There Any Hidden Charges or Restrictions?

This is a must-ask question, mostly neglected by many customers. Companies use this as leverage to impose their surcharges easily on the vehicle owner after shipment. Ask about any penalty in case of a mistake from your side too. If your car has unusual dimensions or features or it is in the non-running state, make sure the carrier has the required tools to handle it.

What Type of Car Insurance Policy Do You Have?

Never forget to ask this question. Your vehicle should be adequately insured during the shipment. Ask the transporter about the level of coverage if any damage occurs to the vehicle. If you don't feel safe with the type of insurance, you can inquire for additional coverage.

Which Documents Will I Have to Produce for the Shipment?

Make sure you are aware of the paperwork required in the shipping process. You should possess registration and insurance documents to avoid any problem. Sometimes, photo IDs are also demanded.

What Steps Should I Take Before Shipment?

You should remove any household item or luggage from the car and make another set of keys for the carrier. Some companies also require you to empty the fuel tank. Though, you can ask for the loaded shipment option, in which you can leave some items in your car. Washing before shipping and taking photos of the car is also recommended.

How Long Will It Take to Transport My Car?

Duration of car transport is another complicated factor. It depends upon season in which you are shipping your car, service you are opting for and the transport company itself. You have an option to choose expedited transport which takes a few days for the shipment but costs more.

How and When Can I Pay?

While most of the companies provide the facility to the customers of paying the full amount after delivery, some can ask for a piece of payment as a deposit. Upfront payment is a preferable choice for most car owners. Majority of companies accept cash, but there are other payment options available in the market as well.

You can also avail the services of All state to state auto transport company for reliable and secure payment options.

Where Should I Leave and Receive My Car?

This question won't come into play if you choose for door-to-door transport, but it will be necessary to ask in case of the terminal to terminal transport. Company will provide you with information about the points where your vehicle will be collected and handed over to you. In door-to-door service, car owner or his authorized person can receive the car only.

Asking, this many, questions seem a tough job and can take a large slice of time, but it will only benefit you. Searching through the internet can help you find many of your answers but depending upon the reviews, and cheaper rates can not always get you the best services. Money should not be your main priority when your beloved car is at stakes.