Jun 14, 2019


Kenny D.

Vehicle Shipping

Whether you are shifting to the state/city next to you or you have bought a new car in another city. Have you found out your dream car but it is in some other city?. The solution to all these problems is a "Vehicle shipping service". Before knowing about "car shipping" service you should be well aware of the fact that there is a hell lot of a difference between car moving service and an auto transport broker. Vehicle shipping services are when you directly contact a carrier company. Most probably it will be a family operated company. Whereas an Auto transport broker comes with a system. By contacting an "auto transport" broker you will first get in contact with a company that will ask you for your requirements for the shipment. It will then give you the names of several car carrier companies that are suitable according to your requirements. It depends on you whether you go with the auto transport broker or simply with Car moving service.   

Tips for Vehicle shipping service:

Although it may sound a perfect idea to ship a car with the help of car shipping company and kick the broker out from the whole process. Because just like every other industry the brokers will come and join in between the deal as an intermediary and eat the chunk of the amount that you could have saved in their absence. But in the Auto industry, it's a big "NO". The justification for it is you know little about the auto transport industry. The vehicle shipping service will play with your naiveness and ditch you and you still may not know it. First of all you, have chosen the car carrier to save time otherwise you would have done it yourself. You will completely be unaware of where the trailer has reached and when will the shipment arrive. Because of the absence of "Customer services department". You calling to the trucker after every passing hour will make you go bananas. The other factor that negates the use of car shipping service is that they have a handful of trailers available at a time. When they get their slots full they will give you a later date for shipping. Not only that, most of the small companies are family owned and are there for the quick money. They have some specific routes that they will follow and which are near to the place where they live. Now you might be thinking about the big fishes in the car shipping service? Unfortunately, they deal with those people who have a larger number of cars to deliver. And their tantrums will give you anxiety. You must be thinking "What to do then?". The answer is it's in your best interest to hire an auto transport broker as they will charge a mere fee and will provide you great value.

Advice for auto transport broker service:

"Competition", if taken positively is something that sparks innovation and brings a bundle of value for customers. This is why a broker is far better than the auto transporting service because over the years they have judged these shippers based on the performance they have delivered. The pipeline of brokers is full with auto shippers. They will readily provide you shippers as per your requirement. You can get a carrier arranged in the comfort of your home of any kind of trailer and any method of shipping. For instance, it's difficult to get a door-to-door shipment with car carrier services directly. We highly recommend joining this ecosystem of buyers and sellers which is known as "auto transport brokers". After knowing this all you still need to know what procedure to follow while selecting a car carrier services company:

  • Budget constraints: Compare the quotes that you have received from the broker with other shippers and find which is the lowest. You don't need to jump start just after comparing quotes. Instead, you should look at what parts does the fee cover. Sometimes there are other additional costs and penalties too.  
  • Insurance Coverage: The thumb rule for it is to look for companies that give "full insurance coverage". Anything apart from it should be avoided as a plaque. Because this is the most imperative factor when looking for a company. Check the insurance contract's validity too. Take pictures of the car from every angle before shipment and after shipment check if there is any damage done to the car. If, yes then claim before signing the "Bill of lading".
  • Licensing and registration requirements of the company: Check whether the company is satisfying all the licensing requirements to guard yourself against any kind of forgery. A company that crosses the state borders is liable to have Document of transport "(DOT)" and if it ships internationally then it also needs to have Federal Maritime Commission license.
  • Choose the car carrier: There is no such thing as a good carrier or a bad carrier. All of it depends on the choice you make. You need to rationally decide what carrier you need to select. On the basis of the budget, you have distance or protection needs.
  • Payment process: With the mutual understanding of the car carrier or the vehicle shipping service you have to decide what mode of payment will be. Along with this, some of the companies ask for full upfront payment which you don't need to make. It's a bad idea to pay full upfront payment. A small portion of an advance and remaining at the delivery of the shipment is how it should be.
  • Ask for the delivery and pick-up time of the vehicle: One of the most essential things that has to be in your knowledge is the pickup and delivery time of vehicle shipping service. Since you are not dealing with a broker now which means no customer service department. So, you need to ask for the exact timings and day of the shipment.
  • Remove all the non-vehicle related items: You must make sure that all the things that are not related to the vehicle don't stay there discard them beforehand vehicle shipping. As per the law of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), it is prohibited to ship any material that doesn't belong to the car.