Oct 16, 2019


Kenny D.

Everything About College Student Vehicle Shipping

The auto transport industry serves a variety of customers, and students are no exception. Car shipping helps an individual in making the vacation or relocation much more easier and smoother without counting on public transport of the host city. With the increasing popularity of auto shipping among retirees and snowbirds, college students are not far behind and making up a large slice of total transportation.

Why Students Need It?

College life is a whole new chapter in a teenager's life and brings a lot of new experiences and memories. However, most of the colleges in the U.S are located in large metropolitan areas, and students from all around the country have to leave their houses for relocation to the dormitory or private room. The excitement of moving to a new neighborhood itself is a great pleasure but is daunted by the stress of transporting all the required stuff to the new home. College students have a lot of books and stationery apart from just clothes and personal belongings, which makes the process even more complicated. Movement in the new city is another hurdle waiting on the other end. Having a vehicle at the disposal can cut down most of the traveling worries and can help the student getting familiar with the new neighborhood quite quickly.

Why Parents Need It?

Parents, on the other hand, are wary of the future of their kids, and helping them relocate quickly and fit them into their new abode is their ultimate priority. Parents try to share the responsibilities of goods transportation to help their children focus on studies rather than worrying about the relocation tasks. Auto shipping companies play a vital role in this regard and aid the student as well as the parents in moving out. Companies like All State to State Auto Transport are highly anticipated among the college students for vehicle shipping as it is one of the most reliable as well as a value-for-money service provider.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is a common misconception about the service charges of auto transport. People think that such services cost a lot as compared to driving the vehicle oneself. However, the total cost of driving the car all the way to its distant location will be, more or less, the same as compared to the shipping quote, and your extra efforts of the long drive will pay up nothing but deep tiredness and maintenance expenses of the vehicle.

Auto shipping companies charge around one dollar per mile for the first 500 miles, and after that, per unit rate of miles falls down as the distance increases. However, distance is not the sole determiner of the quote, as several other factors can slightly or considerably change the rate. Such factors are: make and model of the car, its running condition, its size and weight, and mode of transportation.

All State to State Auto Transport is one affordable as well as a competitive hauler in the market. Our shipping calculator can help you determine the online quote instantly after the input of a bit of your information. Moreover, our payment methods are incredibly secure and customer friendly.

What to Keep in Mind Before Shipping?

As mentioned before, car shipping is a reliable but complex process. 

? The college student should decide where he wants the delivery and finalize the deal accordingly. 

? Mostly, auto shipping is done terminal to terminal, so the student has to visit the terminal for receiving the car, but in door-to-door service, the shipping company drops off the vehicles at the college campus or rented house. 

? The auto transporter takes 2 to 7 days for the transit, so the student should plan his journey according to the time frame of the car's delivery. 

? Auto shipping companies don't have access to all the sites, so in case of door-to-door shipping, some nearby point has to be chosen.

In the end, the experience of using auto shipping service can either be good or bad, depending upon the hauler one chooses. All State to State Auto Transport is one of those companies that believe in customer satisfaction and quality services. College students are an asset to the nation, and serving them with exemplary services is the first and foremost priority of our company.