Oct 17, 2019


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Shipping a Non-Running Car to Texas

Being the second-largest state in terms of both area and population, Texas is considered one of the most beautiful states in the U.S, offering diverse landscapes. Deserts, mountains, hills, coastline, beaches, and forests are some of the few features of "The Lone Star State". Texas has some essential and busiest cities of the U.S like Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas, where all the year-round, business, and public activities take place. Such business and tourist hub attracts all types of people for different purposes, so the movement of large numbers of people is frequent in the state. Many individuals need to bring their cars or other vehicles as well with them when relocating to Texas or just visiting for vacations. However, in rare cases, a non-running car has to be shipped in or out of the state.

How Non-Running Vehicle Is Different

The word "Non-Running" here represents any kind of vehicle that is damaged, can not be driven smoothly, or is not safe for the driver or on-road cars. The majority of inoperable cars are those having collision or mechanical failure. Most of the non-running cars are the classic ones brought from the distant seller or auction and is required to be delivered at the location of the buyer. Sometimes, a luxury car that is undergoing a restoration process can also be considered as non-running.

A non-running car is treated differently from the typical vehicles due to the limitations it imposes on the hauler. The auto transport company has less access to its operations and has to use extra tools and put more effort to transport such a vehicle. A car that is already damaged needs more care as compared to the regular working vehicle, so it is better to opt for the enclosed carrier for shipping it. Although enclosed transport is one premium service, the safety and protection it provides to the vehicle are worth it. In standard shipping, auto shipping companies have to drive the car into and out of the trailer before and after shipping. But when dealing with inoperable vehicles, they should have tools and techniques at their disposal to lift on and off the car to load or unload it. The majority of car shipping is done through terminals, though inoperable vehicles can not be driven to the terminal, so door-to-door service is the only possible option in which hauler receives the car from the location of its origin and delivers it to the specified point.

Our Experience in Non-Running Car Shipping

Shipping an inoperable vehicle is a complex task for the hauler, which causes the auto shipping companies to seldom include this service in their portfolio. However, All State to State Auto Transport covers this domain as well and offers exceptional services of shipping an inoperable vehicle through both open and enclosed trailers. We possess enough resources to handle such cars and transport them from any state to Texas or from Texas to all around the U.S. All State to State Auto Transport has all those required equipment available that are needed to carry inoperable cars. Our door-to-door transport service is an all-in-one solution to a comfortable pickup and drop off for the customers.

Guide to Shipping a Non-Running Car

Non-running car shipping is, more or less, the same as a standard vehicle shipping, but there is a measure that can save the car owner from paying extra bucks. Sometimes, an inoperable vehicle can easily be turned into the running one at the expense of little time and money. Non-running cars require you to take a lot of premium services that make the bill go high, however small efforts before shipping can help you avoid going for those options as well as making the vehicle working one. However, if the car is in severe damage or failure, you are not left with any other choice.

Thorough Research

There is a massive crowd of haulers in the market. All these transporters have different capacities and operations. Finding the most reliable company out of this group requires extensive search on the internet.


After searching the potential transporter, engage him using the contact details provided. Communication can help the customer in explaining his requirements to the carrier and understand how can the company help him out.

Quotes Comparison

Most of the haulers provide the facility of online quote calculation from the websites that could be used to get the idea of shipping rates. However, a lower quote doesn't always mean the best deal.