Jun 14, 2019


Kenny D.

Vehicle Transport

Is it hard to relocate to a new city? If your answer is "yes" then imagine how daunting of a task it would be to transport your vehicle to another city. But you don't need to worry a lot because you are just a click away to discover a plethora of car shipping companies. Thanks to the internet. But you are not done yet, instead, the most painful job is yet to be done and that is of the selection of a vehicle transport service. There are several services offered by an auto transportation company. Different ways along with different shipping methods are there. You have to choose a reliable company based on your needs of vehicle transport services. The basic car shipping services are as follows:

  • Trailer services
  • Shipping methods.
  • Classic and exotic car shipping.

When talking about an open carrier it would be like beating around the bush. Most of the car dealers use this way of auto transportation. As the cars that are being brought are not luxury cars so the dealers are comfortable with it. Whereas in enclosed carrier cars are being protected from all the weather ailments. But is a bit expensive than the open air carrier. An open trailer is also known as the cheapest method for vehicle shipping. You might not be aware of this but the enclosed carrier is also sub-divided into two categories. And they are as follows:

  • Soft enclosed transport.
  • Hard enclosed transport.

You probably have heard of the famous saying "Something is better than nothing". The same thing applies when we talk about "soft enclosed transport". It is not covered with such element that will guard your car against every kind of weather ailment. But a considerable weather protection will be there. It will be covered by a light sheet board or a canvas but is not designed for such protection of the car that an enclosed car carrier is supposed to provide. It's best for the people who are frightened of the weather conditions but the weather on the shipment day is forecasted not to be severe. In this way, you can save a few bucks. Whereas a hard enclosed transport is what an enclosed transport is famous for. It is the most reliable procedure when safety is your concern. It will give you an airtight protection from the smallest of ailments. Nothing from the outdoor could intervene in the trailer. It's not just about a rainfall or a strong wind. There are lots of things a soft enclosed trailer won't be able to survive. Such as a thunderstorm, heavy rainfall etc. And you would definitely regret your decision of a soft enclosed trailer if your Lambo gets damaged by the heavy rainfall. You cannot afford penny-pinching if you have an exotic car.        

Standard Shipping procedure:   

The standard shipping procedure is when you don't ask for any kind of specialty in the method of car shipping service from the company. A vehicle is usually shipped from one terminal to another terminal. You can also choose this method of shipping as it is the cheapest way to ship a car. Other than this there are two more methods for vehicle transport services. You have to burn a little more of your car's fuel in this case. Because for the pickup and the drop off of the vehicle you have to drive yourself at that place. A resting place of the truckers or the storage facility is usually called a terminal. If you have ample time to ship your luxury car you can still make a combination of terminal shipping method and of an enclosed carrier. In this way, you could both save some money and also keep your car protected during the process of transit.

Comfortable method of vehicle transport service:

This is a completely stress-free method. You will get your car shipped at the comfort of sitting at your home. You might be jumping with joy at the time of shipment as you will not even move a single muscle of your body during shipment. But at the place where you will feel a bit low is at the time of payment. It is much expensive than the standard shipping method. But isn't it how it's been for years? The more the comfortable your service is more you will be charged. Keep in mind that the car shipping service will try its best for delivering the vehicle to the nearest destination possible or at your door. But that doesn't mean that even if there are some barriers in the way they will deliver it anyhow. Some areas are difficult to penetrate in due to several reasons.

Economical shipping method:       

When we talk about methods of auto transportation there is also a way that plays around between comfort and cost-efficiency. It gives you both the things partially. At the time of drop off or pick up you choose to get your car picked from the door. On the other end, you have to pick your car from the terminal and drive it back to your destination. So this is how you have got both the comfort and saving on cost.

Special services offered by car shipping companies:  

If you own a Mercedes Benz E-class or an Aston Martin DB5 you won't get satisfied with the same services which a sedan owner will get with. Not because you feel superior but there are some pragmatic needs that a classic or luxury car requires. And they are not luxuries instead they are the necessities. But we need to know what services do the car shipping services offer and what benefit does it bring to us:

  • Whenever you ship an exotic car you need to bear in mind that majority of the high-end vehicles have a low ground clearance and due to this reason if the vehicle transport service doesn't provide a hydraulic lift gate your car can be severely damaged even before the process of transit begins.
  • Severe weather conditions can loosen the grip of your car and can move it from its original place in the trailer. In order to stay protected from this, there are some brackets placed on the floor of the trailer which makes the car secure from movement due to the tossing of the car.
  • There's an equipment used by the auto transporters which controls the leaking of fluids from the cars which are above in the trailer. That equipment is known as "dripping guards". It will protect your car's paint and you need that especially if you have a classic car.    

Conclusion: There are several vehicle transport services and it would not be wrong if I say that auto transportation is a whole different world. But you only need to be aware of the services that are being offered and not avail every one of them. Everyone has their own car needs. Along with that everyone has a budget which they are not willing to exceed. So, there are many ways by which you can be cost-efficient along with having all the protection. We wish you good luck with your car shipping endeavor.