Oct 24, 2019


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Electric Car Shipping Within the U.S

With the advancement in the automotive industry, the world is moving towards the trends of sustainable, cleaner, and efficient materials that have very low to none by-products and are optimum during their performance. Electric cars are no new invention and have seen a few ups in the past as well. But in the early 2010s, electric vehicles have experienced a surge in their sells with all the big and medium-sized car makers shifting to produce the most elegant models of electric cars. The change in energy demands and ever-increasing pollution urge the transition of the vehicle industry towards electric-powered vehicles as well.

Auto transport has proved to be the all-in-one solution to all types of vehicles, such as regular, luxury and classic cars, motorbikes, heavy equipment, and EVs. Moving from state to state for a job, relocation or holidays require the car owner to have his car shipped at the destinations to make the most out of their trip, and auto shipping helps them achieve their goal.

Difference in Shipping

Slim chances of an explosion of electric cars motivate the auto transport companies to ship those as well. EV owners have nothing to worry about the transit as the services of haulers are upto the mark, especially those of the trustworthy and well-known transporters like All State to State Auto Transport. There is no distinction of treatment of EV with regular gasoline-powered cars. The types of containers and services are the same as well for EVs.

Common ways of auto transportation are door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal. If you are not ready to drive the car all the way to the terminal (place to keep the vehicles before transit), better opt for door-to-door services in which hauler will show up at your door to receive the car and transport it to the location of your choice.

There are two types of trailer mostly used for auto shipping; open and enclosed trailer. An open container is a general truck with no covering from top or sides and can accommodate 6 to 10 vehicles at a time. On the other hand, enclosed trailer is a type of container packed from all sides and can accommodate a lesser number of cars. Enclosed containers considered to be a premium service because it provides extra safety to the vehicles and costs quite higher than an open trailer.

Dangers Involved in Shipping

One worrying factor from the first day of the introduction of electric cars has been their battery. Lithium-ion batteries have proved to be extremely reliable in smartphones and laptops; however, their use in a full-sized vehicle makes the people concerned about their safety. The explosion of battery in laptops and mobiles have been observed quite many times due to overheating, malfunction, or flames because sometimes it becomes difficult for such small batteries to hold on a large amount of energy as compared to the typical batteries of the past.

But, surprisingly, there have been no cases of EV bursting. The reason is that the battery of EV are relatively quite bigger and is capable of producing energy without being overheated. Moreover, the extra protection mechanism are installed in such cars to avoid any potential damage.

Difference in Quote

Though there can be some glitches from the hauler about the shipping of an EV and he can try to lure you in believing the complexity in the process. However, there is nothing complicated or even different from that of a regular car shipping. So, don't pay for what it is not worth it. EVs are capable of what an ordinary car is, and there is no luxury thing either. However, if you are bent on to use an enclosed trailer, there can be a higher charge for added security.

The typical shipping quote is reliant on a lot of factors like distance, types of service, and season. Of course, distance is the critical parameter that shapes up the quote, but the effect of the season can significantly change it, especially in the high season. Way of transportation and delivery time also change the rate. In the case of a non-running EV, the quote can go high as the transport company will have to use additional tools for its handling and shipping.

To Sum Up

It is not the EV that makes the transportation excellent or bad, but the shipping company. Opting for an established and reputable transporter is the ultimate remedy to the best service, as well as a reasonable quote. All State to State Auto Transport is one of those service providers who have been shipping thousands of EVs as well as other regular and unconventional vehicles from the past decade or more so.

For getting out an online quote, just use our shipping calculator.