Jan 22, 2020


Kenny D.


If you are thinking to ship your car by using an auto transport company, some documents are very important for the shipment you must provide some documents to the company to make verification about your vehicle and in this verification company will verify your car belongs to you or not. You have the insurance policy or not. Documentation is necessary to make the process better. We provide our customers with complete hassle-free information. 


If you are having an auto shipping company transport any vehicle within the continental United States, you will provide such documents such as Original Title and Registration, proof of Insurance, and Photo Identification for the transportation verification. These documents are essential for the security and for the further hassle.


original title is needed for the registration; your car shipment can be stopped if you have a current lien of your vehicle, then permission letter from that lienholder is important for the shipment. One copy is needed for booking, and the original will Proof of ownership or bill of sale or a certified letter of authorization from the lien holder.


Insurance is must provide to the company for proof and the vehicle being shipped. This proof of Insurance must not be expired. The date must not be expired as per policy insurance is need for the evidence.


photo identification is necessary must provide a photo identification of yourself. You may either provide an unexpired state driver's license or ID or an unexpired Passport of the country where you are a legal resident it is important to maintain the record so for the verification.


If you are not the real owner of your vehicle, your shipment may have a problem. You need an original title; otherwise, your shipment can be stopped by the current owner. If you are not the owner, you must provide a notarized letter with specific information. Examples of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your vehicle and the full name of the person acting on your behalf.

Import Duty: 

You have to provide proof of any tax levied on the car or truck, depending on which country your vehicle is being shipped to or from import duty must be cleared if any charges are not cleared shipment can be stopped.

 Original documents of the vehicle

If you are auto shipping any car you must have power of attorney, OriginalPower ofattorney of that original vehicle documentation very important in the shipping process to prove yourself the actual owner of the vehicle, these documents must submit to the company.

Car shipping information:

Once you have decided to ship your car, you may still have questions regarding how to ship your vehicle. You may need to know how much it costs to ship a vehicle. You may want to know what an auto transport broker does and is responsible for. You can check our website for the details you can find a quote and book a shipment if you face any type of problem or query our customer representatives are present to assist you any time, we believe entirely in customer satisfaction.


To ship your vehicle to another country, some detailed information is needed original title, Insurance, photo identification bill of sale,sales tax proof, import duty these are some mandatory information should provide to the company for hassle-free shipping.

Moving countries is not an easy task to do; there are many reasons you can move from one country to another education, country, love, retirement, work, etc. And regardless of whether your international move is country. Your moving may be temporary or permanent, but you want to move your car with you. cars are the most important things in our daily routine for travel these days 

Despite the fact that your international shipping company will take care of almost everything for you need, you must understand exactly what your role will be in the car shipping process. After all, shipping a vehicle internationally is a fairly complex operation that requires proper planning and meticulous preparation. 

Upon delivery of your vehicle, we will allow you to inspect your car after delivery. Our driver will handle you the key of your vehicle, and you can check your vehicle to make sure that no damage is caused to your car, and we have shipped it properly.

You will then sign the Bill of Lading and pay the outstanding balance for transportation on delivery time by inspection of your car.

Do you still have queries you want to ask? If you are currently looking for a reliable service to take your car safely from one point to the next hire us or use our service, we will try our best to full fill your all the requirement and make your shipment starchless as we do care about our customer, we are trying out best to make auto transportation is the USA easier so you can enjoy your shipment without any problem now you can eliminate your stress by choosing us.