Oct 30, 2019


Kenny D.

Shipping Quote from Illinois to Arizona

Relocating to or going out on vacation in Arizona is not less than the treat. The Grand Canyon State lies in the southwest region of the U.S and is the 14th most populous state. Arizona is quite famous for its hot climate and has a lot of attractive landscapes, including forests, mountains, canyons, and snowfalls.

One thing that comes in mind while planning to leave for the new neighborhood is the car, and to bring that car, auto transport companies are a reliable answer. While finding the best shipping company, shipping rates are taken as a root. So, it is necessary to know the pattern of the shipping quote.

The auto transport industry has surprising trends, with a lot of factors playing crucial roles in the determination of costs and duration of shipping. 

Distance and Location

Obviously, distance is the prime factor of the shipping quote determination. The more the range, the higher would the quote be. However, after 500 miles and then after 1000 miles, the shipping rate per unit mile decreases, which ultimately benefits the customers and mainly attracts people looking to transport the car from a significant distance. Points of pickup and drop off of the vehicle also come into play in shipping rates. The remote areas which restrict the movement of the trailer have higher quotes. There are two types of pickup services. In door-to-door service, the vehicle is picked up by the hauler from the doorstep of the car owner and is delivered at the exact point where the customer wants the delivery. In terminal-to-terminal shipping, the owner has to leave the car at the terminal from where it is shipped. The door-to-door option tends to cost more; however, it provides relief to the customer.

The Dimension of the vehicle

Another critical factor that impacts the shipping quote is the size, length, and height of the car. Regular cars are unaffected by this aspect; however, vehicles with special features or variable dimensions can cause the hauler to use specific tools for accommodating the vehicle into the container. Apart from that, extra steps could be needed in the handling of some cars due to low ground clearance or higher than average height.

Auto shipping companies also transport unconventional vehicles like those of farming, construction, military, and fishing. However, shipping rates of such cars are different from conventional vehicles like cars and motorbikes because such equipment requires a particular set of tools and techniques, and handling them is not in the capacity of every transporter.

Type of Service

Auto transport companies offer many types of services depending upon the circumstances and condition of the car. There are two popular types of trailers that are used to carry the freight, namely open and enclosed. An open trailer is an open-sided and no-roof truck that can accommodate 7-10 vehicles. On the other hand, an enclosed trailer is more like a packed container that can hold a lesser number of cars as compared to the open one. Open trailer's capacity to carry more vehicles, and its higher availability makes it cheaper while the enclosed trailer is a premium service, which is mostly used for exotic or luxury cars and costs a lot more. Nonetheless, the safety imparted to the vehicle during the transit by the enclosed trailer makes it anticipated among the expensive car owners.

There is another premium service in which the vehicle is shipped earlier than the standard timeframe. This service is known as expedited shipping. However, expedited transport is only recommended in case the car owner has some kind of emergency because the shipping quote for this option is quite high.


Seasonal swings are one of those significant elements that the car owners should understand to avoid any inconvenience or surprise. Every season or even month can drastically change the shipping quote and can affect the type of shipping method you choose as well. Though, these fluctuations of the season can help a customer if he prepares for it and plans his booking accordingly.

In June, July & August, auto transport companies have their services in high demand. With snowbirds on the move from the cold northern areas to mild southern part for enjoying the sunbath and chilled beer, shipping orders are piling up for the transporter, and they have their whole crew active. 

Summer vacations are a party-time for kids and teenagers when going out on long journeys, visiting friends or relatives or just relaxing in the countryside are typical plans of the families. Roads are clear and easy to travel, and drivers are much more comfortable for the long drives in this season. The activities of moving out within the city increase with people often visiting parks, sports clubs, and beaches.

Winter in the U.S is like a stay-at-home period for most people, especially those living near the northern part, and the movements of the transport companies slow down as well. Nobody feels comfortable going out or doing any strenuous physical activity, and the same goes for the drivers.

Where to Get the Best Quote From?

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