Oct 18, 2019


Kenny D.

Cost of Shipping a Car from the Northern States to Arizona

Arizona, also goes by the name "The Grand Canyon State", is a perfect tourist spot, especially for those deprived of sunshine and mild weather. Hot summers and terrains like forests, trees, mountains, plateaus, and deserts are scenic as well as attracting. Snowbirds are a substantial part of the auto transport industry, and their movement from northern states to southern ones affects the shipping operations and other customers.

Factors That Affect the Shipping Quote

The shipping rate is a blend of a variety of factors. These factors can slightly or marginally affect the quote depending upon the circumstances. Most of the auto shipping companies provide the facility of online quotes calculation, which uses all the factors to determine the approximate quote. Charges for the same type of shipping should always be near to the quotes of other established companies because if it doesn't, then either the quote is misleading or the services are below par.

The shipping calculator of All State to State Auto Transport is quite accurate in this regard and can serve as a benchmark to determine the precise quote. Our service charges are just reasonable because we don't believe in that "Lowest Quote" stunt to bluff the customers. Here are a few of those parameters that shape up your bill.

Shipping Distance

Obviously, the fuel burnt by the shipping trailer is the most dominant factor in the quote calculator. The distance between the pickup and drop off point is the range counted by the hauler, be it from terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door. The shipping calculator computes the same rate per unit mile until 500 miles, and after that, it decreases. So, shipping from northern states to Arizona will have distance rates of less than 1 dollar per mile.

Points of Pickup and Delivery

It is not possible for the hauler to receive or deliver the car at the specified location sometimes. So, the car owner has to decide what points he can select. Remote areas of northern states will either cause a higher quote or will require the car owner to move to the accessible location.

Make & Model of the Car

Regular cars are free from this factor. However, luxury or classic cars having abnormal length or height can affect the shipping rate as the transporter will have to make specific arrangements for accommodating the vehicle into the trailer. Vehicles having low ground clearance need extra care during loading and unloading, so few bucks will add up in the total bill.

Working Condition

Non-running car is the one having mechanical failure or damage. Such a vehicle can impose extra charges for its handling because the auto shipping company will have to use specific equipment for loading and unloading it.

Transit Time Frame

Typical car shipping takes 2 to 7 for the delivery. However, a higher number of bookings, especially in the snowbirds season, can delay the shipping. To avoid this hurdle, people sometimes opt for the expedited service, which is a premium option in which transit is done within 2 days or less. The shipping rate can considerably increase in emergency transport because the company has to move fast for delivering vehicles on time.

Type of Transportation Service

There are multiple modes of auto shipping. Open and enclosed trailers are the two most opted and reliable types of transportation. An open trailer costs less but does not provide any special protection to the vehicle during the transit. On the other hand, enclosed container saves the luxury and classic cars from the exposure of rain, dirt, and snow. An open trailer is just fine for conventional vehicles; however, expensive cars are good to go with the enclosed. Enclosed transport can almost double up the quote.

All State to State Auto Transport has a large fleet of open and enclosed carriers. We deal with both terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door transportation, as well.

Seasonal Effects

The season is another factor that moderately changes the shipping quote. Snowbirds are most likely to be hit by this element. However, proper planning can help you avoid the burden of extra charges of high season.

All State to State Auto Transport has its roots in all the northern states and has access to even the remotest areas. Our shipping service from north to Arizona is handled by experienced drivers and suitable equipment.