Oct 03, 2019


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Why Choose Enclosed Auto Transport

Auto transport has become an emerging requirement for vehicle owners, especially those having cars or bikes. Whether you are going on vacations, changing your residence, travelling for car exhibition or ordering an exotic car from the far-flung area, you will need a vehicle transport company if you are reluctant to long, unsafe journeys. While looking out for the shipping service, it is good to have some know-how of this market.

Enclosed auto transport is the mode of vehicle shipping which includes the use of enclosed trailers or carriers which protect the vehicle from surrounding objects that can cause the small scale to severe damage. The carriers can accommodate from one car to around seven. All State to State auto transport is a trademark in the world of enclosed vehicle shipping. We have been serving our clients with extra care for the last decade or more.

Attributes of Enclosed Car Carrier

Enclosed car shipping companies use hydraulic lift gate system, which reduces the vehicle's low ground clearance. Cars are tied down with customized ropes which makes it safe from the scratches. Special kind of ramps and straps are in place to ensure the careful pick up and drop off of the car. Such companies have experienced fleet of drivers and crew to handle your vehicle with extreme care and make sure to meet the quality standards.

Vehicle at Your Doorstep

Enclosed car shippers provide an option of door to door service through which your car will be picked up by one of their drivers and will be dropped off at the target location. It saves from the worry of driving it to the shipping platform and receiving it. You can also avail this service from All State to State auto transport. We provide reliable and secure door to door transport services in a very reasonable quote.

Don't Fall for the Myth

There is a common myth about the enclosed vehicle transport that it can only be used for vintage, luxury, antique, exotic or sports cars. But this is not the actual case. You can use it for any regular car if you want to save it from the exposure of dirt, weather, or any hazard throughout transit.

Safety Above Bill

More shipping quote means more safety and delicacy.  The reason for enclosed shipping being expensive is that open carriers can carry around ten vehicles at a time while enclosed can accommodate upto seven, but most of the times it is not more than two or three. The number of enclosed carriers are relatively lower than those of open, which ultimately results in a natural increase in prices.

Due to the lower use of enclosed carriers, most companies do not own many packed trailers, but All State to State auto transport has plenty of well-equipped carriers with all the required facilities. Most of the companies do not have their services in all over the country, but we provide 24/7 service from far east of the country to the far west.

A win for the Loss

One of the most appealing features of enclosed shipping is its much higher insurance coverage if, God forbid, your car meets an accident throughout its journey. Though the number of such incidents is quite lower.

Supremacy over Rivals

Another famous mode of vehicle transport is Open Transport. Actually, more than 90 percent of the total deliveries are carried out through open transport. Most of the people opt it because of its lower costs as compared to enclosed. But, it has got its pros and cons, and safety is the most sensitive part. Open vehicle transport uses open trailers and mostly has chains to tie down the vehicle. There is extreme exposure of the environment to the vehicles, be it rain, snow, or thunderstorms. Apart from lower charges, open car transport does not offer much. They have vast numbers of orders in place and have long waiting lists. Enclosed carriers, on the other hand, provide a guaranteed delivery date of your vehicle's drop off. You can also contact the driver directly instead of calling to the control room.



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