Oct 19, 2019


Kenny D.

Best Online Sites to Buy a Used Car

With increasing inflation and expenses, it is getting difficult for the common man to buy a new car nowadays. Although the purchasing power of an average American is growing and the number of car ownership is on the historical rise as well, but people still tend to buy a used vehicle, which helps them save a lot of bucks. A second-hand car can be a treat or agony, depending on the deal, so one must take the required measures before buying one.

The fashion of used car selling and purchasing has given rise to a higher number of markets too. Many exhibitions, sales, and auctions take place throughout the U.S. for the used cars. Online platforms are also gaining fame with the time and are ready to capture the whole market as it seems. Different types of forums dealing with all sorts of vehicles are engaging many car enthusiasts, and the availability of auto transport companies is making it easier for the buyer and seller to move the cars.

Given below is a list of some popular used car buying sites with their specific performance and operations.


One of the most famous and longstanding sites for buying a used car is AutoTrader. The site has around 250,000 sellers and 40,000 dealers and has more than 3 million listings. The search engine is also quite user-friendly and has a lot of filters to refine the search as per the requirement. The site is also available is an app format and provides easy access from anywhere with an active internet connection. Some astounding features of AutoTrader are reported history of the vehicle, reviews, cars comparison tool, and LendingTree facility.


Surprisingly, Autolist has its fame due to its magnificent application and not the site itself. The ability to use Autolist on both iOS and Android platforms and access to cars available on multiple forums help the buyer find the dream car after intensive research.


CarGurus is another established name in the used car selling websites. The site does not only have listings of old cars but also of the new ones. This platform is especially suitable for those looking for discounts and negotiations. The site provides access to millions of vehicles within the U.S. and also shows the price history and current market value to help the potential buyer know the actual cost of the car. Some remarkable aspects of using CarGurus is videos of test drives, reviews, forums, and calculator for payment charges.


Carvana gives a 360-degree view as well as features and flaws revealing pictures to get the perfect look of the car. The car is delivered one or two days after the purchase. Another benefit of using Carvana is a money-back guarantee if the vehicle is not up to the mark within 7 days. Damaged or repaired cars are also not allowed to be listed on this site. The price of the vehicle remains the same throughout its listing.

Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book is another leading platform for car buyers, especially those who are critical in nature. The site provides estimates of the car's value and gives the vast choice of suitable vehicles to the buyer.


AutoTempest brings on the blend of renowned auto selling sites in one place. The site includes a variety of tips, guides, advice, and also teaches the buyer about the negotiation and checking skills. Reviews of different cars and their features are also discussed in articles and blogs.

Car Forums

Apart from used car buying and selling websites, one worth mentioning place to find the used cars are forums and social media websites. Car forums bring close thousands of sellers and buyers in one place, and it becomes quite more comfortable for the buyer to directly contact the seller and ask about the condition and cost of the car. Such forums also help in taking the advice of veterans in car selling or buying. Social media platforms like Facebook are gaining popularity for connecting potential buyers and sellers.

Tip to Bring Used Car Home After Buying Online

Online car buying can help you find among the variety of options and rates. Looking for a used car in nearby locations can consume time as well as restrict choices, but millions of listings on online websites break this stereotypical trend and bring closer car enthusiasts all around the world.

After purchasing the car online, the next step is a bit tricky, which is to bring it home. However, All State to State Auto Transport has all those equipment and personnel at its disposal to safely ship the car from one state to another within the meantime with a reasonable charge.