Oct 03, 2019


Kenny D.

Best Car Hauling Rates of 2019

With the ever-increasing purchasing power of an average American, the ownership of cars is also climbing. Cars are your partner-in-journey and make your travelling much convenient. But, there are always some circumstances, under which you need to move to far-flung city or state. Such conditions require you to drive your vehicle to the destination surviving through rough weather, long hours driving, and risking your car's performance. But thanks to the emerging industry of car transport, you can have your vehicle at your doorstep by spending few bucks.

One significant step before choosing any auto shipping company is the knowledge of how this industry works and who are reliable providers of such services. You will find scores of car shipping companies on the internet with different rates and services, but it is difficult for a newbie to risk his car in the hands of an unknown carrier.

All state to state auto transport is one of those companies which offer you the services of all the domains in the auto transport world. We work on highly market-competitive rates and believe in quality and reliability. We offer multiple means of car transportation, including open, enclosed, and door-to-door services for all kinds of vehicles.

The Mystery of Shipping Quotes

There are certain parameters that come into play when you calculate the shipping quotes on any shipper's website. These quotes are algorithmically calculated and can vary from the original charges you will have to pay. Comparing the quotes of different companies can also help you to avoid paying extra. You can also communicate with the dealer and can negotiate for the best deal. Interestingly, car transport quotes work in a very fluctuating manner, and any factor can affect the shipping rates considerably.

Am I Paying Fairly?

This is the question that hinders every car owner when he wants his vehicle to be shifted. To make this easy for you to decide, which quote suits you well and does not overcharge you, here is the list of factors that control the shipping rates.

Distance Covered by the Carrier

Distance is one of the determining ingredients of rates. Depending upon the increase in length from the pickup point to drop off, the shipping fee also increases. All state to state car transport is a vehicle shipping company that offers an interesting increment of costs in which, every 500 or 1000 miles, the rate increases per unit mile but after that, quote experiences a reduction in every phase of 500 or 1000 miles covered by the carrier.

Dimensions of the Car

The length, height, and width of the car also make a massive impact on shipping quotes. An average-sized Sedan or SUV will do fine for the shipping company, but any increase in height or width will take a different approach to be accommodated, and a hauler will have to make more space as compared to typical situations. Sometimes, they might ask you to pay double. UVs are costlier than SUVs and Sedans. Minivans, trucks and large SUV can add up from $100 to $300 per delivery.

Ground Clearance

Some people might not bother about the vehicle's ground clearance when buying it, but its shipping has this factor involved. More the ground clearance of the car, lesser it will be prone to any damage while loading and unloading it. All state to state auto transport has all the required facilities and experienced crew to handle your vehicle safely.


How can it be possible to deliver anything without taking into account its weight and auto shipping quotes are no exception. A higher weight means the carrier will have to pay more for weight scale stations clearance and will have to burn more fuel than usual.


The condition of the car here means its running state. If your vehicle is working fine, then you will save a considerable amount on its shipping, because the auto transport company will have the leverage of moving it without any external support. The non-running vehicle will have to be picked up by your doorstep or workplace and will have to be dropped off on its exact location. Non-running vehicle owners should expect to pay around $100 to $200 more. All state to state vehicle shipping company provides door-to-door transport service, which is highly recommended for such cars.

Mode of Transportation

There are two main ways of car shipping, namely open and enclosed. Open car transport is more demanded due to its low and conventional shipment. The discouraging factor of open transport is that your vehicle is exposed to open surroundings throughout the transit, be it rain, storms, snow, or dust. Enclosed car transport is safer for your car if you own an exotic or classic car. There is a huge difference in shipping rates of open and enclosed hauling, and quotes can go as high as 40-50% for enclosed transport. 

If you opt for door-to-door service, the bill will go higher. Some car shipping companies also provide expedited shipping options, in which your service will be accelerated to meet your demanded timeframe. Expedited shipping can cost you $200 to $500 extra.

Calendar Effect

Shipping rates are also prone to seasonal fluctuations. Summer and last two months of the calendar year make the number of bookings high, which ultimately results in higher quotes and prolonged delivery time.

Which Quote Is Best for Me

After keeping the afore-mentioned factors of shipping rates in mind, you can easily have a rough estimate of transit expenses. You can easily read customer reviews of All state to state car auto transport company. Such reviews make you feel secured about the vehicle and can answer some of your queries. Experience is one of the most convincing factors for choosing any service provider. All state to state auto transport has more than ten years of service experience in auto transport activities. We have a highly experienced and skillful staff to handle your car with safety and delicacy. If you are still confused about something, make us a call on the given number on our website or write us an email.