Jan 29, 2020


Kenny D.


So you won your automobile at auction and ordered shipping with all state to state, the stressful part is over. Currently you're uneasily awaiting your vehicle's arrival. Well, we're here to ease your worries. you'll be able to grasp specifically wherever your vehicle is within the shipping method with our straightforward to follow trailing page and SMS updates.

Once you check in to your account you'll see a button labeled "My Orders" within the high right corner of the screen. Once you click that button, you'll be taken to your orders page wherever all of your completed, in process, and incomplete orders are displayed. Orders in method can have a button that claims "Track Order" next to them. Click thereon button to be taken to the trailing page for that specific order.


Each tracking page contains all the data for your shipment. At the top, you'll see a commotion list that tells you specifically what steps you would like to require to finish the shipping method. This includes things like uploading needed work that differs for domestic and international shipments and submitting payment.
Below that's a in small stages method of your progress. it'll indicate when:
You place your order
We receive your payment
A driver is allotted to your order
Estimated pick-up and delivery dates square measure on the market
Your vehicle has been delivered
International order trailing pages contain alternative info additionally to the higher than. it'll conjointly show when:
Your vehicle reaches the warehouse
Photos of your vehicle square measure announce
US Customs receives your possession documents
Estimated departure and arrival dates square measure on the market
Container and booking numbers square measure allotted
Your vehicle arrives at the destination port

Can I take decision about  the driver?

Once a driver is allotted to your vehicle, their variety are displayed on the trailing page. you'll be able to contact them directly if you'd prefer to. they're conjointly educated to decision you 2 hours before delivery to verify details.

What is text message notifications?

We offer period of time SMS updates to stay you announce through your entire shipping method. simply check in to your account and navigate to wherever it says "Hello" followed by your name and choose "Text Notifications". Follow the directions to validate your signaling and you'll begin receiving instant updates on your shipping standing, each step of the manner. We'll even send you reminders regarding your commotion list!
We build shipping straightforward for you.

We're here to depart all the queries out of the shipping method for you. we tend to ensure that you simply grasp specifically what a part of the shipping method your vehicle is in and what you would like to try to to to create sure everything goes swimmingly. you'll be able to perpetually contact U.S. if you've got any further queries.
Happy shipping!

Can I Track My Car's Progress where It's Being Shipped?

Many people square measure involved regarding the well-being of their vehicle once it's within the hands of a automobile shipping carrier and intelligibly therefore. Your vehicle is one in every of your most costly assets therefore you wish to make sure it's in smart hands throughout transport. This begs the question: Is it potential to trace your automobile whereas it's being shipped? the solution to the present can rely upon the automobile company. every company has their own policy concerning the trailing of your vehicle.
Many auto shipping corporations perceive the necessity for patrons to be able to track the progress of their vehicle throughout cargo. Some corporations have an internet trailing variety wherever customers will visit the web site, enter the trailing variety, and receive a second update. alternative times the update may not be instant however you may receive an email update within twenty four hours. Some corporations don't have an internet trailing system however we will provide you with an update if you request one. Others can send automatic trailing updates throughout the length of the transport.
Auto trailing remains comparatively new within the world of automobile shipping and it's expensive to implement pricy GPS-tracking systems on automobile carriers. For some, this expense doesn't add up and therefore the company prefers to stay with ancient updates via phone calls. If the power to trace your vehicle are some things that's very vital to you, it's best to visualize with the automobile company to visualize if this service is obtainable. It ought to be noted that whereas trailing your vehicle will be convenient, there'll perpetually be the danger of delays because of weather, traffic, road detours, and programing conflicts. Anytime you're shipping a vehicle, it's smart to own a touch flexibility as a result of the square measure of some things that drivers simply can't avoid. confer with your automobile company regarding your expectations and raise regarding their automobile transport trailing services.
Live GPS Vehicle trailing
With growing technology and recognition of GPS systems in vehicles, Shipping automobile with GPS trailing system can take the snap at the steam and permit you to stay in contact together with your vehicle till it's delivered at your step. you'll be able to track the live GPS vehicle-tracking devices by selecting a system that most closely fits your wants then send it to you.

Advantages of Live GPS trailing Devices

Get the live GPS trailing info of your Shipping automobile and relax until delivery. Some benifits given below :
The live GPS trailing system offers shipping corporations and customers real solutions to assist improve potency and cut back suspicions:
Know wherever your vehicles are 24/7
Monitor your vehicles covertly
View your period of time trailing device location from your laptop or phone
View routes traveled by your drivers to boost route coming up with
Monitor speed and safe driving habits of your crew. You can also enjoy shipment.