Dec 19, 2019


Kenny D.

Tips to Make Your Vehicle Shipping Faster and Better

The main problem customers face while shipping their car is timing. If you want your vehicle shipped prior to the delivery date or before your flight arrives then timing is key. From understanding the different shipping options to choosing the right auto transporter for your vehicle, proper timeline and planning will help you stay on track and save valuable time. We already know that time is of the essence so, how can you make your vehicle shipping faster and better? We will try answering this question in this article.  

Although it is true that the drivers can only cover a certain distance over a period, but you can still make the process faster and more efficient. In this article, we will try giving you some basic tips on how to make your vehicle shipping process more streamline. Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind to maximize the probability of your car getting shipped fast. 

Again, keep in mind "Timing" is the name of the game when it comes to shipping your transport. Below are some tips that will make your car shipping experience seamless. 

Choose A Reputable Auto Transport Company 

If you want your vehicle shipped without any hassles, don't ignore the reputation of your auto transport company. Reputation is what we like to call the "make or break" when it comes to auto transport. Don't fall for low prices, some auto transporters give mouth-watering quotes but give below average services. This decision can come to haunt you later. You also run the risk of facing severe shipping delays while partnering with a below-par auto transporter. 

All State to State Auto Transport has a decade worth of experience when it comes to auto transportation. We have delivered over 200000+ vehicles. Our customer reviews speak for themselves.  

Keeping A Proper Timeline 

To make sure your vehicle arrives properly on time, you should plan in advance. By advance, we mean several weeks ahead of time. The carriers provide a window of time. If there aren't any unconventional delays you can expect your car shipping to take place during that interval. Call us in advance, we suggest you give us 1-2 days prior notice because sometimes it is almost impossible to reserve a spot the same day. If you choose All State to State Auto Transport as your carrier, we will ensure your vehicle gets delivered faster than usual. 

Be Vocal About Your Requirements 

Keeping contact with your auto transport from start to end is key. To minimize the hassles during the process we obviously need to know about your vehicle, what make and model it is? Is it operable or not? and of course where it needs to go. But when it comes to timings you should be very proactive with your auto transporter. It might be hard to fulfill your every wish. Nevertheless, we will give our 100 percent, if you are vocal about them and in continuous contact with our support representatives

Hand Over Or Receive Your Vehicle Near A Major Urban Area 

Our trucks make multiple trips back and forth on all the major routes. These routes often go through the major cities of the country. If timing is what you are after, then selecting a populated urban area for your pick-up and drop off location is the safest bet. The odds of your car getting delivered early can increase exponentially if you keep this tip in mind. You should keep in mind when and where your car will be loaded and unloaded.  

All State to State Auto Transport offers Door-to-Door Delivery as well. More often than not this is the most convenient method to ship your car if you are short on time. If you decide to use this option, ideally you will be expecting your vehicle in a specified time frame. Consider choosing your pick-up or drop-off near a major metro area or city. Cooperate with us properly and in case of any further queries contact us at our customer support.  

Learn More About Door to Door Delivery here.

Be Open With Your Car Details    

Be completely transparent about your car details. If you aren't sure about your vehicle's condition, notify your car shipper during the booking phase. This greatly reduces the risk of getting last-minute surprises and inconveniences. If you misinform the shipper about your car, that would be the final nail in the coffin to the hopes of you getting your car shipped faster. Aftermarket add-ons or larger than usual cars require extra equipment for hauling. If the driver arrives without the necessary equipment you can literally say goodbye to the chance of experiencing no delays. 

Please tell us everything we need to know about your car while booking. In case you forget to tell us something you can always contact us at our customer support. We will provide you the necessary precautions and prepare our truck to safely load and unload your vehicle. 

Additional Factors To Consider 

There are also some external factors that can affect your car shipping experience. We will briefly overview them. 

Weather is something that no one can control. No matter how good the preparation, it can hinder the progress of shipping your vehicle. The same can be said for traffic jams. Although, we have the most professional truckers that know the fastest routes around, but accidents and any other unforeseen events can still spoil your chances of quick delivery. Distance and seasonal fluctuations also play a vital role and there's nothing the auto transporter or you can do to change that. At All State to State Auto Transport we always keep our customers up-to-date about their shipment to avoid last-minute confrontations. 

Shipping With All State To State Auto Transport 

We fully understand our customer needs at "All State To State Auto Transport". We focus our unconditional support towards them and make sure that the customer's vehicle gets shipped without any troubles and quickly as possible. We always offer our customers short time windows for delivery. Our scheduling process is extremely convenient and user-friendly. Just give us a call or contact us at our website and we will make sure you get the best auto shipping experience. 

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