Heavy equipment transportation

Heavy equipment transportation

Heavy equipment transportation requires proper planning and execution. For reliable and safe shipping of these bulky items, you should have knowledge and idea of estimated shipping cost, safety standards, required documentation and regulations to transport heavy and oversized equipment. Heavy equipment transportation is a complex process of shipping large, heavy and oversized equipment including; bulldozers, cranes, excavators, backhoe, caterpillar and other heavy machinery from one location to another. This type of transportation requires specialised equipment and experienced drivers to ensure safe and efficient shipping. All State-to-State Auto Transport is serving its customers very efficiently to get shipped these oversized and bulky items.

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How much does it cost to transport heavy or oversized equipment

How much does it cost to transport heavy or oversized equipment?

An average cost of heavy equipment transportation is in-between 1.50$ to 3.00$ per mile, however prices may be higher for oversized or overweight equipment or for any additional permits needed for shipping of specialised equipment. The cost of transporting heavy equipment depends on weight, size and dimension of heavy equipment, shipping distance, weather conditions, and the mode of transportation and route of pickup to delivery. These factors directly impact the cost of shipping. If a customer provides assistance in separating the loose parts, plugging off the battery, and draining the fluids from the equipment, the cost of shipping will be significantly low as compared to regular price. All State to State auto transport provides heavy equipment and auto hauling services across the country.

Why you should ship your heavy and oversized equipment with
All State to State Auto Transport

Knowledge and experience

For a safe and harm free shipping of heavy and oversized equipment transporters should have knowledge about these bulky items. ASTSAT auto transport staff has knowledge and years of experience in shipping these bulky and oversized equipment. We are providing quality service to ensure customer satisfaction.

24/7 Service

Our customer support coordinators are available all the time to update or to solve any auto transport query of customers. Heavy equipment shipping is a complex process, we timely update customers about the shipping status of their equipment.

High safety Standards

Shipping safety is one of the most prioritized factors for All state to state auto transport. We follow high safety standards to ensure auto and heavy equipment safety during the whole process of transportation until the delivery of these items. It's also an important reason customers trust us.

Insured Services

We offer insured shipping services for heavy equipment and auto shipping. Heavy equipment transport insurance limit as compared to auto shipping is high. Our assigned heavy haulers and auto carriers offered shipping insurance that always complies with transport insurance law and standards.

Factors to consider before Shipping Heavy Equipment

These factors should be considered before shipping heavy equipment to ensure safe and reliable transportation.

  • Size, Weight and dimension
  • Before shipping any oversized and bulky equipment measures the size, weight dimension of heavy equipment accurately and provides accurate information to the transport company, so that the whole shipping process remains smooth. In case of any mistake in measuring the size of equipment or the information provided to shipping company can cause delay in shipping and increase in cost.

  • Route and Season
  • Route of pickup to delivery and season in the years have a direct impact on heavy and auto hauling. Winter season, especially bad weather, is not considered a good time to ship heavy equipment. These factors have an important role in safety and duration of shipping. It is recommended to check weather updates before shipping and on the basis of those updates make your shipping decision; otherwise it may create harm.

  • Insurance Coverage
  • Transport insurance is always considered as a very important factor for shipping of heavy and oversized items; it provides insurance claims in case of any damage during transportation. Before shipping any heavy item do verify the provided shipping insurance of the heavy hauling company. It is the most reliable way to ship heavy equipment and other items.

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