Oct 04, 2019


Kenny D.

Auto Transport Reviews: Reliable or Fake?

Customer feedback worth a lot for any enterprise and are an indicator of its performance. Reviews represent the category of people associated with a product or service and can contribute to engaging the right people to the right choice. However, with ever-increasing spamming and frauds in digital media, people have become critical of their importance.

Auto shipping companies are growing in numbers with demand and highly increasing vehicle possession of Americans. These companies have a fierce competition against each other. A newbie finds it bothering to research a variety of options and then make a decision to hire a deserving transporter in his view. In this time-taking task, auto transport reviews play a vital role and considerably modify your choice or even totally change that.

What Makes the  Reviews so Confusing?

One factor that makes the reviews misrepresenting the actual value of a company is the weak feedback taking system of the organization itself. Some excellent and astounding services provider don't bother to take precious opinions of the service users, which results in a lack of rating availability of that company and results in overlooking when a person is finding the right deal.

One unfortunate thing is the extreme nature of the reviews you find on any forum. People tend to write only when they have an extremely convincing or tragic experience with the service, which profoundly affects the overview of public perception of a company. Those customers who have just standard encounter with good companies are done without expressing anything.

Where to Look for Reviews

We are listing a few of those sites that are quite famous among customers for checking reviews.

Transport Reviews

This is highly recommended for auto shipping services finders. This site has over 0.2 million reviews of more than 4 thousand transporters. One promising feature of this source is its scanning system of real and fake customers. It asks the review writers first to provide the details of the booking about which, the feedback is being given. This helps the services-finders to filter those fake customers, who try to improve the ratings of a specific company to dominate the market.


Better Business Bureau is an excellent ratings and reviews platform for both its credibility and controversies. It is a non-profit organization and was set up in 1912. The website is a splendid feast for determining the credentials of a particular company. BBB has sadly turned into more of a complaint website. Most reviews are that of the complaints of customers, and this adversely impacts the profile of even some exemplary companies. One auspicious attribute of BBB is that it requires the business to register with it before taking feedback which ultimately confirms the authenticity of a company.


TrustPilot keeps around 13 million reviews of valuable customers that are taken after high inspection of the legitimacy of an individual. A person looking for Auto transport service can significantly take advantage of thousands of reviews available in this domain.


Yelp is a common name in feedback industry. It covers reviews of almost all the domains. A remarkable characteristic of Yelp is its automatic review system which filters the solicited, biased and prejudiced comments. However, the system is not even thoroughly familiar to the Yelp's team and has questions over its reliability.

Social Media Websites

Surprisingly, Social media platforms are one of the most useful feedback taking systems for customers nowadays. Most of the users you find are real and can be contacted on the same website. Facebook has its recommendation feature, which allows learning about the experience of other customers with that company. Google has, previously, also introduced its reviews options which is just one search away. However, it is quite unfamiliar and unpopular among customers.

Tips to Avoid Fake Reviews

No matter the authenticity of reviews, all the transport companies suggest reading their reviews. The fact is, you should make use of them and take them into account while hiring the transporter. There are several ways you can spot the right opinions you seek and can utilize them for your ease.

Contact the Company

All transport companies provide their contact numbers and emails to engage with them. Avail this service to ask anything you are confused about or unsatisfied with. All State to State Auto Transport also offers an opportunity to contact 24/7 without any hesitation, and our customer-friendly staff try to answer all your queries.

Get in Touch with the Potential Feedback Providers

Reviews writer are a gem to guide on the quality of the services and experience they had with the company. If it is possible to tap on them through any source, make sure to communicate with them.

Our served customers have given their worthy comments on our performance on different renowned platforms. You can tap them to learn more about All State to State Auto Transport.

Judge the Transporter Yourself

Through proper research online, you can easily make your own opinion of a company and its services. This opinion should be the benchmark of other steps towards hiring the services of a company.