Jun 14, 2019


Kenny D.

Vehicle Hauling

The action of hauling and loading vehicles in the car carrier trailer termed as vehicle hauling. Why is this important? because the procedure can only be dealt with professionals. Since only the expert drivers can accomplish the task of loading and hauling vehicles. For this reason, it becomes a responsibility of the company to appoint an experienced carrier driver. Similarly, according to the U.S truck driving laws, the drivers have to follow the complete guidelines in order to drive. For instance, the (HOS) hours of service, should not exceed the limit while driving, in addition, 5 years of experience is required for the vehicle hauling and loading services. Furthermore, performing the inspection of the truck is also one of the most important works of the truck driver. Therefore, only the experienced truck drivers can provide reliable auto hauling services. However, as a leading vehicle transport company, we have our own inspection department, they generate the inspection report of the car carrier trailer, thus, complete protection of the vehicles and reliable auto delivery results.

Satellite Tracking Of Trailers

On the other hand, our company provides satellite tracking of the auto trailers. The customer service department monitors the car carrier trailer and provides updates to the customers about their vehicle location. Similarly, we give updates to the truck driver regarding roadblocks and traffic situations on the route. This helps driver choose the most effective route. Since, roadblocks, traffic, and bad weather can delay the vehicle delivery. As a result, our company provides the best car delivery services.

Prepare A Car For Shipping

When shipping a car we provide our customers these guidelines for reliable auto shipping. The instructions are as follows:

  1. Always wash the exterior of the vehicle before the carrier trailer arrives for pickup.
  2. To lessen the weight only leave a quater of fuel inside the tank.
  3. Take close-up and detailed pictures of the vehicle as an evidence, any injury or scratch on the vehicle can be claimed easily.
  4. Any additional alteration on the vehicle should be removed. For instance, exterior accessories like Antenna cables and Masts.
  5. Thoroughly inspect the vehicle. For instance, brakes, tires, and window glasses should be in working condition.

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