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How International Vehicle Shipping Is Working With Us



Purchasing your vehicle from a web auction is extremely convenient. All you would like to settle on a car set your bid and watch to ascertain if your bid wins. Most consumers worldwide are conversant in this procedure and may perform it effortlessly. Shipping a vehicle outside of the US could also be new; some people, however.


All state to state can assist you in shipping a car, truck, motorcycle, and other vehicles both across the US and internationally. Here is a few necessary information about international shipping we would like to share with you, alongside a few of shipping tips, so you'll ship a car anywhere smoothly, at the simplest price possible, and without stress.

All state to state has extensive experience in shipping vehicles overseas, check our quote calculator to urge started. So, ifs you're shipping a car to Germany, here's what you would like to understand. 

First steps:

Before shipping your car overseas, fill in our online quote calculator on All state to Note a destination point, add your address details, and don't forget to go away your telephone number, so that the driving force who picks up your vehicle can contact you for more information. The port your vehicle will depart from is chosen supported the fastest and least expensive route to the destination country.

Tip: The less amount you will pay, if your car is closer designated USA port:


Shipping methods:

Vehicles shipped within us are shipped by truck, whereas international shipments are sent by ocean Freightliner. Transporting a car internationally by sea is the most affordable option.


Container shipping may be a safe and reliable thanks to delivering your car from the US to the other port. A container keeps your vehicle very safe from damage connected to the weather. Container shipping, however, doesn't have as many transporters available, so it's going to take time to schedule your shipment.


Tip: Container shipping may be an excellent choice for expensive vehicles but isn't cost-effective for normal cars, due to its high price.


RORO, or Roll-On, Roll-Off shipping speaks for itself. Your car is driven on to the vessel, parked in line with other vehicles, and secured to the vessel's deck for transportation. You'll save on costs if your destination country has different rates for RORO, but shipping this manner could also be less secure than container shipping. Still, customers who choose RORO shipping receive their vehicles at the destination port efficiently. Your car also must meet specific requirements to qualify for RORO. Contact us if you're considering RORO shipping, and we'll see if your vehicle is eligible.


Tip: If you mark your vehicle as drivable and it's not, additional costs or delays could also be incurred.


 Calculating the price:

Sometimes, shipping across the ocean involves some additional costs and costs. With All state to state, you'll make sure that the shipping price will cover the subsequent. 



Picking up from an auction

Delivery to a warehouse


US customs clearance


Exporting to the port of destination.

There are, however, expenses that All state to state won't cover. These are:

Auction fees

Driver wait time fees

Storage fees

Fees from delayed delivery

Special auction loading


Destination customs or duty fees


Tip: Destination ports have agents which will assist you to ship your vehicle from the port to your home. Contact the port on to speak with an agent.


Shipping internationally with All state to state is straightforward, and that we clear US customs for you. We'll need a couple of things from you initially. The primary and, therefore, the most vital may be a valid Title or Certificate of your vehicle, which can't get replaced by the other document.


From our side, you'll get the title or certificate via FedEx as soon as your car clears customs.


Tip: no bill of sale, neither components most straightforward designation or lien can update the automobile's name or certificate It's strongly recommended that you simply check the supply of those documents before placing a shipping order.


We make shipping easy for you:

We handle all the logistics to form your shipping experience easy and smooth. Just place your shipping order, and we'll keep you updated every step 


Germany has always been a well-liked shipping destination, and American cars have made a range in the German automotive market. If you're preparing to ship a vehicle to Germany, this text covers the fundamentals of exporting a car from the USA to Germany.


All state to state has extensive experience in shipping vehicles overseas, check our quote calculator to urge started. So, ifs you're shipping a car to Germany, here's what you would like to understand. 


Be aware of various tax rates for old and new cars that are imported to Germany. Because the USA isn't within the European Union, the vehicles exported from there are under a typical consumption tax. For brand spanking new cars, there's a 19% VAT. A car is defined as new if the mileage is not any quite 6000 km (~3730 miles) and if it isn't older than 6 six months from the assembly date. If the car is older, you'll be required to register it in Germany and pay all the registration costs. After you've got logged the vehicle, you've got to pay motor size taxes, 2$ per 100cm3 for gasoline engines, and 10$ for diesel-powered cars. 


There is also how to not pay import taxes in the least. You won't need to pay import taxes.