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How to Pick the Right Carrier for Small Car Shipping


We all have been through the chaos of not being able to find the right company for our shipping needs, especially now in the fast-paced world where rates are soaring higher with each passing day it can be a difficult task to expect companies to understand your situation and offer you a cost-effective amount.

And so, in the hustling and bustling of daily life, small cars have become an essential factor! Whether purchasing a small car from Alabama to Arkansas or some other state or sending it over to someone in Arkansas finding the right shipping company is vital.

However, it is a daunting task overall.

Our customers cannot relate! Not only does All State-to-State Auto Transport provide cost-effective deals for you, but we even offer the best carriers for small car shipping!

In this blog, you will be introduced to a comprehensive guide about the dos and don’ts of choosing a shipping company for small cars in 2024.

What is small car shipping?

Are you aware of the term small car shipping? If not, it is as easy as it sounds.

Yes, Small car shipping is basically an efficient mode for shipping cars that are small in size as compared to large or normal vehicles.

To experience hassle-free and smooth transportation our customers usually opt for small cars.

Why? Because small cars are easy to use, cost-friendly, and very convenient. The types of small cars usually vary from compact cars to sedans and hatchbacks.


What is the difference between small car shipping and large + normal car shipping?

Small vehicles are not only easy to ship but they are very pocket-friendly too. Along with that, unlike large vehicles small vehicles do not require delicate treatment throughout the shipping process. When it comes to comparing these two there is a list of factors that come into notice like shipping quality, shipping equipment, shipping method, etc.

These include:

Size & weight

There is a huge difference in the sizing and weight of a small car and a large car. Small car shipping includes shipping vehicles such as hatchbacks, sedans, and compact cars. Unlike large vehicles, small vehicles are lightweight and convenient which helps in shipping them easily from Alabama to Arkansas.

Large car shipping includes vehicles such as SUVs, trucks, vans, and luxury sedans which are equally bulky and heavy,


Shipping method

The most preferred method of shipping for small cars is open auto shipping.

Why is that?

As discussed earlier, small cars do not require extra protection, however, it depends on how the owner wants his or her car delivered.

Another reason why this method is usually preferred is because it is very cost-effective.

On the other hand, the enclosed auto shipping method is convenient for large vehicles since they require extra care and are prone to get damaged in open-air transport due to the weather or severe road conditions.


Handling and Loading

It is quite obvious how vehicles that are larger in size require careful and precise handling before proceeding to the shipping, because of the size and weight it takes more than people to help it load, which is why larger-sized vehicles cannot be handled or loaded without the help of special equipment such as ramps, lifts, and tie-downs.


Small cars can be easily driven onto the carrier and as well as loaded using the standard equipment, overall, they don’t require as much effort.



Everyone looks for a service or shipping method that is most likely going to cost you less, that is another reason why small cars are convenient is because their costings are overall lower as compared to large-sized vehicles.

The major factors affecting this are fuel consumption, capacity, & handling requirements. Both large-sized vehicles and small cars have different capacities and requirements, however, there is no compromise on quality and reliability as both services are equally outstanding.

To find out the estimated rates of your shipping from Alabama to Arkansas click here to get free quotes!


Whenever you purchase anything

Whenever you purchase anything, ensure you are evaluating the pros and cons as well as the dos and don’ts before you come to the final verdict.

To assist you in your future purchasing and decision making we have conducted a guideline on the dos and don’ts of selecting a car shipping company for your vehicle!


  • Do proper research beforehand
  • Get multiple quotes (click here to get a free quote now)
  • Check Credibility
  • Check if the vehicles are insured
  • Verify tracking methods
  • Be concise about your requirements from the company
  • Read the contract thoroughly
  • Prepare your vehicle for shipping, and remove any personal belongings
  • Take pictures of your vehicle for record



  • Don’t ignore or overlook negative reviews
  • Don’t forget to ask the company for a detailed breakdown of the entire costing
  • Don’t avoid any red flags, if you sense something is alarming follow your gut instinct and make necessary arrangements regarding that
  • Don’t skip the inspection of your vehicle at the time of delivery
  • Don’t make hasty decisions, trust the process, and avoid making impulsive choices
  • Don’t pay the amount before your car has been delivered
  • Do not neglect the insurance of your vehicle
  • Do not forget to plan ahead
  • Do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding your vehicle


In conclusion, it is very essential and crucial to choose wisely when it comes to selecting a company for the shipping of your small car from Alabama to Arkansas. By simply adhering to the dos and don’ts mentioned in this blog you can easily navigate the process with 100% confidence. Selecting a carrier for small car shipping requires careful consideration and research to ensure a smooth and successful experience. Prioritize reliability, transparency, and communication throughout the selection process, and don't hesitate to seek assistance or clarification if needed. With the right carrier by your side, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle

For a hassle-free and smooth experience, trust All State-to-State Auto Transport to be your 100% trusted partner! Contact us today and book your ride from Alabama to Arkansas with All State-to-State.



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