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Great Advice On Exotic Car Transport


Exotic car transport is not for everybody. How can it be? Look at the MSRP of most exotic cars. Exorbitant. Forget about the top 1%. People who can afford exotic cars are in the top .1%. It is a world that most of us can only dream about.


The funny thing is, where are these people and their exotic cars? We almost never see one on the road. It sure is cool when you do. Try taking your eyes off a cool exotic car. The allure is too great.


The rich put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us. And they encounter the same dilemma when it comes to auto transport. Who do you trust to ship an exotic car?

Perhaps you are reading this because you have an exotic car. The first thing you need to know is that maybe 99% of car transporters do not want to get anywhere near your beautiful and



way too expensive vehicle. Why is that? Because the liability for the car shipper is through the roof! Most auto transport carriers carry physical damage policies of $100,000 to $250,000 and lack enough coverage for the majority of exotic cars. Only a small percentage carry half-million-dollar or higher policies.


Exotic Auto Transport Tips:


Tip #1: Make sure your own automobile insurance policy is sufficient and up to date for your vehicle. In other words, don't take any chances on something so valuable. Consider your own policy umbrella coverage should something happen, and the carrier's insurance either not be sufficient, in force, or the company makes things difficult.


Tip #2: Ask any exotic car hauler for a copy of their insurance certificate before they venture out to pick up your beautiful exotic vehicle. Look not for the liability coverage, but rather, the physical damage cargo coverage. If it's not enough to cover the value of your vehicle, then keep looking. Direct Express Auto Transport will share with our customers upon request the insurance certificate of any and all exotic car carriers.


Tip #3: Expect your exotic car transport cost to be much higher than just about any other vehicle. Very few vehicle shippers will want to touch your super nice car. It is a specialized segment of the car shipping industry. For you have an exotic car, I guess you could say paying more comes with the territory.


Tip #4: Ship your exotic car Enclosed Transport. Most exotic cars have ground clearance of 4 inches or less and must go enclosed trailer anyway. No Open-air carrier wants to bottom out and possibly damage an expensive vehicle. If they have any sense at all, the open carrier won't touch your vehicle. This is a job for a lift-gate and for that you need an enclosed car transporter. By nature, enclosed transporters cost more. And among those, the ones willing and able to tackle a pricey exotic car charge even more. You get what you pay for.


Famous Exotic Cars:


Putting aside the Formula 1 race cars that never see the light of day outside of a track, what are some of the more famous road worthy exotic cars? What might you see cruising down New York's Fifth Avenue, Chicago's Magnificent Mile, or Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive? According to Autobytel, here are the more fast and famous exotic cars that are certified to be operated on American roads. From the Dodge Viper on the relatively low side (but still so hot!) to the out of this world $2.5 million Bugatti Chiron.


 Make the right choice to hire a company:


As we do care about our customer satisfaction and auto shipping of a nonrunning car is difficult, but it cannot be overstated. To safely load and unload your inoperable vehicle, the auto transport company needs to know what they are doing. Hire a company with a driver who is equipped and qualified to handle the task at hand. We hire nothing but the best. We understand that it takes time, effort, and expertise to transport your car safely to its destination now you don't have to worry about to ship your nonrunning car.



How car shipping works:


Before I can explain why shipping costs can be higher for modified vehicles, you have to know how shipping a vehicle works.

For starters, there are two main types of car carriers  open and enclosed Transport. The open Transport is what you have most likely seen on the road. It can carry 6 to 9 vehicles, usually on two decks. These carriers are the most common (around 90% of all in the States).

Then comes enclosed Transport. It is primarily designed for luxury and classic vehicles, sports cars, show models, etc. The main idea behind it is to completely shield the vehicles from rain, dust, and dirt. Most such carriers also can load multiple vehicles, but there are some exceptions for very special cases, which we will discuss below.


How to prepare your Modified Car:


A major concern for many customers when getting their car shipped is timing. If a vehicle needs to be picked up a day before your flight or delivered right after you arrive in a city across the country, timing is key. Here are five ways you can expedite car shipping & having your vehicle transported successfully



Order in Advance:


Demand for vehicle shipping is seasonal, but every lane is different. Ask a dispatcher to advise you on the best time to ship your car at the lowest price. Call in advance. We recommend giving us a 7-day notice. It is almost impossible to reserve a spot on the same day. Expedited car shipping works best with adequate notice. We recommend getting 2 to 3 quotes ensure you are getting a fair deal. 


Be Flexible on Dates:


When placing your order, it is typical for the transport company to ask for a 2-day window for pickup and delivery. Delays, road hazards, weather all contribute to the unpredictable nature of the business. Keep in mind that weekend deliveries are more difficult to schedule, and delivery dates are not guaranteed but estimated.


Receive Nearby:


Delivering your car straight to your door may not always be possible within a particular time frame. Trucks are always making multiple picks and drops, propose to have your car dropped off at a major nearby city end route. Consider this option if the timing is especially important and discuss with a dispatcher the details of your shipment





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