Car shipping is gaining popularity with an increase in the number of cars being bought. When it comes to buying a car online from the same state or across the country or sometimes even from a different country, car shipping and car transport companies come into play.

To use such services, the owner of the car must know the advantages of shipping it instead of driving it home himself. He must also understand the shipping quotes pattern and the best means of vehicle shipping. After going through these parameters, one can judge the quality of the services being provided by the company.

What to Consider Before Contacting Any Auto Transport Company?

Carrier Type

Before choosing any service, the owner of the car must know how his car will be shipped. There are several ways of transportation, among which open and enclosed carriers are the most sought after. If your vehicle is a regular one, opting for open transport is a reliable and economical choice, but for antique or expensive cars, an enclosed carrier is a good deal. Even though it is more costly than the open one, but your car will have a better and safer journey with it.

Shipping Quote

Shipping quote is the cost; you will have to pay for the shipping. It depends upon the quality of service, the distance between the pickup and drop off points of your vehicle, weight and size of your car, and tariff rates.

Seasonal Variations

One exciting yet bothering factor during the car shipping is the difference in the services you will experience in different months of the calendar year. From Thanksgiving till New Year's eve, the services of most of the shipment companies slow down or even halt depending upon the crew's availability. The magnitude of booking also increases due to the movement of families in this season. Another hectic period is summer when vacation of children and teenagers result in long journeys and visits. So, you must be mentally prepared for booking everything in advance to avoid any problem and expect higher quotes than usual. If you don't get it done at the right time, late shipment and poor services should be expected.

Insurance of the Vehicle

Auto transport companies provide their clients with an option to get insured their car before moving it. It is a security of the damage caused to the vehicle during shipment. Though the number of carriers meeting any incident is meagre as compared to the volume of successful shipments (yet you don't want to be the special one do you?).

Payment Method and Type

While booking a quote, the company gives you estimated charges along with payment methods, and few even ask for payment in advance. The best offer in the market is the upfront payment after the delivery of your car at your doorstep.


During your research for the best shipment service, it is recommended to read the reviews on their website. They can help you answer some of your queries and can satisfy you about the services. Reviews are a useful source to determine the reliability of the company.


Similar to other industries, scams are common in vehicle shipping too. Such scammers can ask you to pay in advance, some use the credentials of a renowned company to deceive you, and some can even steal your vehicle. To avoid such frauds, consider these suggestions:

  1. Always contact the given numbers or email on the website of the carrier.

  2. Visit sites like Better Business Bureau to check the license of the service provider.

  3. Don't provide your financial information in the initial process.


It is always good to have special discounts on the shipping quotes. You can contact the referred person through one of the sources of communication provided by the carrier and bargain on the prices. 

Quality vs. Affordability

It is not recommended to pick the cheapest option every time, and in case of your vehicle worth thousands of bucks, safety and quality should be the things you must be most concerned about. A cheap auto transport carrier can use low-quality trailers and ropes to tie your car, which can result in severe damage.

A Reliable Choice

All state to state auto transport is an all-in-one choice for vehicle shipping. We provide multiple modes of transportation, including both open and enclosed car shipping services and cover the range of vehicles from bikes and cars to heavy equipment used in construction activities and agriculture. Our payment options are also customer friendly. You can get shipping quotes from our website. We are an established name in the industry of auto transport with more than ten years of experience and have delivered around quarter million vehicles.